Friday, May 9, 2008

The 1st Annual Brunswick India International 9-Ball Open!

Brunswick Billiards ImageDragon Promotions announces its latest growth with its move into India along with partners Brunswick Billiards and Pro Sports India. The 1st Annual Brunswick India International 9-Ball Open will be a historic event as it marks the first time ever a major pool tournament will be held in India. Previously, India's stake in the billiard world has pertained to mostly snooker, but the interest in pool has grown and continues to grow.

The Brunswick India International 9-Ball Open will host a Men's and Women's division. The event will not only bring all the players from around India, but will invite international billiard stars as well. The event is slated for September/October time frame of 2008.

Pro Sports India is based in Bangalore, India which has become a booming city that is quickly becoming Asia's version of "Silicon Valley". Major companies such as Google and Intel have already built buildings and offices there. Pro Sports India will have exclusive rights to all Brunswick Billiards products to distribute throughout India's 1.1 billion population.

Dragon Promotions will help market and increase brand awareness of Brunswick in India through its promoting of billiards as a sport there. Using its knowledge and resources from DP's experiences in Korea and US markets, Dragon plans on elevating pool to new levels in India.

For more than 160 years, Brunswick Billiards has been the leader in designing the highest quality pool tables and game room furnishings with a standard of superior craftsmanship and preferred by experts around the world. Based in Bristol, Wis., the billiards division of Brunswick Corporation (NYSE: BC), has more than 300 retail dealer locations across the United States and international distributors in more than 40 countries.

For more information about Brunswick Billiards and its product line, visit

Players, fans or sponsors interested in The Brunswick India 9-Ball Open can email or call 1-407-782-4978.

"The Anitokid loves Brunswick Billiards!"

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