Monday, May 19, 2008

Dell Discount Coupons & NutriSystem Coupons at Deal Locker!

Dell Computers GraphicI just saw this very interesting site - Deal Locker. Deal Locker is a coupon site that provides coupon codes to people looking to save money. Although still in its infancy, San Diego, CA-based Deal Locker is focused on building a suite of tools designed to aid one and everyone save money both in the short and long run.

What particularly caught my eye at Deal Locker is its section for Dell coupons. As one of my first laptops, I have first-hand experience on how great Dell’s lines of computers and computer solutions are! And my, oh my! Deal Locker’s line of coupons for Dell products are just awesome! Deal Locker’s Dell coupons include discounts for home and small business computing solutions, Dell Dimension and Precision desktops, Inspiron notebooks, and computer software and accessories. And the discounts offered using the Dell discount coupons are not pennies, friends! These range from the small $20 to the huge $870! And I kid you not! There are also coupons for hot deals and free shipping, friends! Wow! This is the real deal! A real steel in my book, everyone!

But wait, there’s more! Deal Locker also offers NutriSystem coupons! You read right, friends! Deal Locker’s NutriSystem coupons focus on Nutrisystem deals, e.g., weight loss programs for men and women, including and all vegetarian program and type II diabetic program. The NutriSystem coupons feature Nutrisystem discount codes that are guaranteed to work!

And truth be told, I love Deal Locker’s coupon site! Why so? It promotes great savings for consumers without any catch! None whatsoever! So, what are you waiting for? Log on to Deal Locker now and save a ton! Yee-haa!


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