Sunday, May 27, 2007

Idiomatic expressions (idioms) - Express yourself. Be the devil's advocate!

Found an interesting comment on Da Daily Donkey post:
  • "Alam mo ba na ang donkey ay isa katangi-tanging hayop. Sabagay, pwedeng hayop at katangi-tangi ang ginawaran mo ng parangal. My suggestion ako, magnominate tau at pagbotohan natin..... Siyempre, fuel na din ang blog pag bumoto..... Hehehehehe!!!!! Great post! - Anonymous"
Much thanks for the great comment! Simply put, the AnitoKid likes idiomatic expressions (idioms)! No! No! No! He loves them! And here is his spin on the money. Enjoy!

An idiom is a combination of words with a special meaning that cannot be inferred from its separate parts. It is an absorbing interest to both foreign and native speakers of the English language. The English language is rich in idioms, and persons with only a superficial knowledge of English idioms will find themselves, more often than not, at a serious disadvantage in their reading, and even more so when they partake in discussions, friendly banters, and debates.

With regards to the first "Da Daily Donkey" award, let us expound on the donkey itself. Indeed, the donkey is one extraordinary animal! And it puzzles me why the ass has always been correlated with stupidity and foolishness in idiomatic expressions. Why? Why? Why? My guess is as good as yours. Here are some examples:
  • to make an ass of oneself - to behave in a ridiculous manner
  • as stubborn as a mule - one who is unwilling to yield or make any concessions in a dispute
  • as obstinate as a donkey - unwilling to listen to reason or change one's mind
  • to talk the hind leg off a donkey - to talk endlessly
  • donkey-work - the hard, boring part of a job; that which requires little or no intelligence
  • a jackass - a stupid person; a fool.
Our "Da Daily Donkey" award
tries to separate the sheep from the goats,
distinguish the good from the bad, the virtuous from the wicked,
the beauty from the beast, the saints from the sinners,
in a catty, yet meek as a lamb, sort of way.

Express yourself. Be the devil's advocate.
And I kid you not!


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