Thursday, May 31, 2007

LiveScribe Smartpen - Jot down notes with audio notes!

What if a plain sheet of paper became a computer screen?
Turn your paper on!
This is the future of pen and paper!

The Livescribe Smartpen - The holy grail of pen-driven computing

From Gizmodo:

  • The pen can link audio recordings that you make as you jot written notes to the actual text you're writing.
  • The pen does a number of other cool stuff, e.g., math and translation.
  • All can later be indexed on a PC and played back on the computer. Or by clicking on the notepad. Thus, you can view search by keyword. Email your written & audio notes to your classmates or study group.
  • Completely useful for bloggers, students, journalists, lawyers, etc. - people who take a lot of notes.
This is one cool pen from LiveScribe! Indeed, it is connecting the paper world to the digital world. One can click on the paper, and the whole audio segment plays itself back. The pen will store an hour of audio - ideal for those blog notes. Now, you can listen to your class lecture by just tapping on your handwritten notes! Anytime! Anywhere! But what about the special paper? The product will require ongoing purchase of special paper coated with microdots that make the Smartpen work. Prices are comparable to standard paper products! But here's another cool thing about it - one can actually print out the templates on any laser printer or inkjets. Now, that is a nifty feature for my money!

By the way, the pen's software development kit is open! Thus, both geeks and nerds can write their own applications on top of the ones they can purchase. Coolness!

The LiveScribe Smartpen will change the way
you learn and communicate.
And I kid you not!


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exskindiver said...

now if only i can get the smart pen to cook, clean and do laundry--
i would be set. ;)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Couldn't help but smile on this one - it really made me laugh! Nice one Ches! Loved it! And I kid you not!

btw, im still smiling :)

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