Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Me and My Camera

Me and My Camera
Found these pics on the 'Net

We have to secure the servers, pop!

The case of the Unidentified Flying Bra

I told 'em twas too hot to race!

Align Center
a customized set

a dangerous job indeed

Doing it with a smile, ma

Keep your eyes on the road pop!

The dangers of masturbation

Having fun at the workplace.

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?



exskindiver said...

oh my. who are you anitokid?
you are so funny!
I laughed at a lot of these pictures especially the dangers of...
you are like a filipino bobbarama
or is bob an american anitokid?
btw, my husband LOVES chowking!
also, i may have to "borrow" that
'that wasn't chicken' picture.
too funny.
in the words of one D. McArthur:
"I shall return"

ps: i got here through Island Photo Blog (Kailani, a flight attendant's blog)
you got me at mabuhay. hahaha.
she isn't filipino though, i don't think.

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