Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's play football!

My friends know how much I love football uniforms and jerseys. It all started in grade school when one of my aunts from Hayward, California, brought me an Oakland Raiders tee. It was a XL-sized black shirt with the Raiders’ logo in front of it. I fell in love with the tee the moment I first laid my eyes on it. And that began my love, search and collection for such shirts.

As I was browsing my collection this past weekend, I was surprised to find out that my football shirts and jerseys have numbered to more than a hundred! And I was even more amazed when I noticed that more than 75% of my collection had the Cisco Athletic brand. A number of my Cisco Athletic shirts, e.g., tailback, halfback, touchdown, wishbone, and lineman, feature deep pro style V- and round-neck designs, and some had jacquard trims. All of them have generous athletic cuts and heavyweight nylon fabrics and trims. This is very important to me because I, as some may like to call, am a Big Daddy! The colors haven’t faded one bit after all these years! Not a notch lower! Credit that to Manang who does my laundry or to the Grade-A materials that Cisco Athletic uses.

Having a lot of free time that day, I decided to browse Cisco Athletic’s site on the web. Apparently, the company touts itself as a manufacturer of quality athletic wear proudly made in the USA. The company designs their products with the special needs of athletes who compete in such sports. I cannot help but agree with them. After all, what makes a great uniform? A great product? Just three important variables for the AnitoKid, i.e., style, comfort, and performance. A product missing one is just that – a mere product! No more, no less. But with Cisco Athletic’s shirts and jerseys, man! You can never go wrong! They are a must have for both collectors like me and athletes and like you. The company uses the most durable fabrics and designs that promote a great sense of comfort and style. Their designs advocate a sense of freedom coupled with good taste that is like no other! Maybe that’s why heads turn whenever I wear one! And I kid you not!

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just for the love of collecting football uniforms and jerseys




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