Sunday, May 27, 2007

The AdesClrPicker color picker - An interesting tool

Saw this interesting read on Adesblog about a color picker called AdesClrPicker. Apparently, with the AdesClrPicker, one can capture colors the way they do using Photoshop, with one obvious difference - speed! The AdesClrPicker is one powerful and fast color picker application designed with Web Designers and Web Developers in mind. The software permits the capture of colors anywhere on screen via a single click of the mouse! That's right! Just one click! And get this, its Color Library feature allows the storage, changing, and conversion of colors. Now, that one cool feature!

Wait! There's more! Users are given the option to access the last 10 captured colors, which can be displayed in a floating menu (this one is draggable, thus easy positioning). Wow! Here is the AdesClrPicker's full features for details.

Oh, system requirements? Yeah, they are at a minimum: Windows PII and above and 128 MB memory above. Pretty neat, huh?


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Hummie said...

Interesting concept. I wonder if this costs money. I am wonder why it is needed. For the amount of times I would want to get a color from my screen, it would not take too long to just grab a screen shot and paste it into Photoshop to get the color, rather than spending any money.

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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Glad you liked it, my friend!


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