Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LifeLock Discounts at ID Theft Quiz!

Fonz Rafael Asmiralde saw my blog posts on LifeLock.com and the LifeLock promotion code and was very excited with the cheap subscription price offered by ID Theft Quiz through the RD17 promo code LifeLock promotion code.

LifeLock Graphic

Fonz Rafael, who is very much into billiards and all, highlighted how easy it is to get the discount using the RD17 LifeLock promotion code, with emphasis on ID Theft Quiz’s great offer of receiving the first 30 days free and additionally saving $11 from the yearly LifeLock subscription price! With such great a great marketing strategy for America’s number one identity theft protection program, my billiards buddy feels that this LifeLock offer is the one to beat in his quest for protection his good name. And I kid you not!

Fonz Rafael also noted the various benefits that one will receive once enrolled in LifeLock’s identity theft protection service, the most advanced, safest, and easiest to use. These include reduced junkmail and unsolicited credit card offers, and free credit report requests – topped off with LifeLock’s $1 million Total Service guarantee! He knows for a fact that ID Theft Quiz is proud to be working with LifeLock to offer the most comprehensive ID-Security programs available anywhere in the world, which was the catalyst that brought about this great discount offering!


Anonymous said...

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