Tuesday, June 24, 2008

LifeLock: Some Backround Info!

LifeLock ImageMy billiards buddy, Buddy Andrew O. Isip, sent me a short email expressing his views on my posts on LifeLock, LifeLock promo codes, and the LifeLock promo codes. Buddy Andrew was all praises and wanted to know more about LifeLock’s history and all. Not wanting to let down my billiards friend, here is a brief background on Life Lock, America’s number one identity theft prevention service, which guarantees one’s identity up to $1 million!

LifeLock.com was founded in spring 2005 by CEO Todd Davis and his partners from the banking, securities, credit and payment industries. By 2008, the identity theft protection service has realized 700,000 customers and received the 100 Global Award by Red Herring - voted as one of the top 100 start-up companies in the world! LifeLock has also acquired about $40 million in venture funds from notable companies, e.g., Goldman Sachs, Bessemer Ventures, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers! Now, that is impressive, friends! And I kid you not!

LifeLock’s initial service was limited to the industry standards of offering customers with fraud alerts and renewals, annual credit reports, and reducing the amount of junk mail, pre-approved credit offers, and telephone solicitation calls their clients received. However, unlike the competition, LifeLock did not stop there! LifeLock developed WalletLock and gave it to all new and existing customers in December 2007 – and hear this - at no additional charge! If customers’ wallets are lost or stolen, LifeLock’s recovery specialists assist them in canceling and replacing their credit cards and bank cards, and in replacing insurance and professional licensure cards, Social Security cards, checkbooks, passports and visas – and even traveler’s checks! And oh! The WalletLock is a LifeLock exclusive product and is only available to LifeLock clients.

With all these fantastic services and more, it’s no wonder that LifeLock is America’s number one identity theft protection service!


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