Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LifeLock: More Info on the LifeLock RD32 Promotion Code!

LifeLock GraphicA billiards buddy, Jonathan Paguio, read my posts on LifeLock and the LifeLock reviews with gusto and wanted to know more about America’s number one identity theft prevention service. Jonathan is very much interested in guaranteeing his good name while getting discounts and all via the use of the LifeLock Promotion Code RD32.

You see, a considerable discount will be given to new Life Lock customers who use the LifeLock Promotion Code RD32. And that is very good news to anyone and everyone! Why so? For starters, identity theft can happen anywhere to anyone! If one’s identity is stolen, he or she will spend hundreds of hours cleanup up their credit while struggling to get back their good name! Stolen identities are utilized up to 30 times, sometimes even more, with most of the victims discovering the identity theft only after they have been turned down for a loan or being contacted by a collection agency.

With LifeLock’s proven identity theft solution, which actually prevents one’s identity from being stolen before it actually happens, one can realize the utmost peace of mind. And with the RD32 promotion code, identity theft prevention has never been this much easier! LifeLock will protect one’s identity and personal information with a discount via the RD32! And it goes without saying that LifeLock guarantees its service for up to $1 million big ones! Yes, you read right, friends – a $1 million guarantee from LifeLock! And I kid you not!


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