Thursday, June 19, 2008

Predator BK2 Break Cue: One Shattered Ball!

I found an interesting anecdote about the Predator BK2 break cue, friends! It's from Iowa Player, one of my online buddies at AZBilliards. It's one cool post with one awesome pic! And I kid you not!

Predator BK2 Break Cue GraphicI have had about 7 of these Predator BK2 break cues and they are awesome but i always let someone make me an offer i cant refuse and poof no more BK2 till the next one!

I once broke a 1 ball on the break with a Predator BK2 and took some pictures of the broken 1 ball and sent them to Philip or what ever his name is at Predator. He emailed me back asking if he could use the picture? I said sure you can and he sent me a z2 shaft a Predator polo shirt and a hat. At bottom of the invoice under price it said > Sponsorship. Boy did i have the big head for awhile!

More interesting reads here, friends!

"The AnitoKid loves Predator!"

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