Sunday, June 15, 2008

Play Online Backgammon at BGprime!

A billiards buddy, Jor-El Isip, saw my post on BGprime, an online backgammon site that offers online gamblers the chance to play free backgammon online until they are ready to up the ante and play for real money. Jor-El Isip was particularly intrigued with the ton of backgammon information featured at the site and wanted to know more about it.

The newly-revamped BGprime site features a ton of interesting info – all geared toward beginning and advanced online backgammon players. Every essential info, as in everything, is well organized! I like it! And I kid you not! The info featured at BGprime focus on how to play backgammon guides, backgammon strategies and playing tips, a terminology page, and tournaments. Some of the popular backgammon articles at BGprime focus on backgammon tournaments and the guaranteed prizes; and backgammon etiquette, with emphasis on the importance of protecting it and preserving it whether one is playing face to face or in an online backgammon site.

BGprime also has a new mascot of sort – a genie! One can’t miss this genie announcing the exclusive promo for BGprime – 100% for first deposit, up to $100! Wow! That’s one awesome bonus, friends! And online backgammon players can easily available of the bonus by using the bonus code: PRIME100. Yes, it’s as easy as A-B-C!


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