Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mike Sigel vs. John Schmidt in IPT Straight Pool Undercard!

IPT Ultimate 8 Ball Challenge Match GraphicBilliards update!

The fans have voted, and 78% of the vote confirmed that the under-card match for the June 24, 2008 broadcast of the International Pool Tour (IPT) Ultimate 8-Ball Challenge Match is going to be between Hall of Fame legend Mike Sigel, aka The Mouth, and OB Cues' John Schmidt, aka Mr. 400. The match will be a 14.1 Straight Pool game to 125 points. Touted as a rare opportunity to see Mike Sigel, who is regarded as one of the best ever, face off against one of the best straight pool players on the billiards scene today! The under-card match starts at 8pm (eastern) and will preceed the main event – the IPT 8-Ball Challenge Match between two of the most aggressive players the world has to offer, i.e., Filipino pool player Alex Pagulayan, aka The Lion, and Karl Boyes from the United Kingdom!

And if you would like to be a part of the live studio audience for this exclusive event, please send your request to audience@internationalpooltour.com. Please include the names, email addresses, and telephone numbers of each of each guest in your ticket request. You will be emailed if you are chosen to attend the match. There is no cost for these invitation-only seats.

As always, the IPT Ultimate 8-Ball Challenge Match is live and absolutely free! If you have not yet registered as a Basic Member (free), you can sign up here! And I kid you not!

*The IPT Ultimate 8-Ball Challenge Match
is sponsored in part by
Laser Stroke

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