Sunday, June 15, 2008

PicVi: A New Entertainment Portal!

I was browsing the Internet computer network for sites featuring sports videos and humorous pictures. And truth be told, my ever reliable online search tools brought back hundreds of sites and all! One particular online site that caught my attention was that of PicVi.

Pic Vi Graphic

PicVi is a new entertainment portal that features a ton of humorous pictures, videos, sexy graphics, and more! The pictures and YouTube videos found at Pic Vi are tagged according to a number of categories. These include babes, cars, fun, games, nature, sport, and uncategorized. A tag cloud can also be found at PicVi, friends! Some of the popular tags at PicVi are girls, humor, video, art, ads, celebs, animals, amateur, games, cartoons, horror, Indiana Jones, Paris Hilton, David Blaine, Ferrari, Cameron Diaz, and more! And lest I forget, PicVi also features a link to its top-rated posts! Examples of such are those of Mila Jovovich, Rihanna, the Vulva Perfume Cool ads, Avril Lavigne, the Durex ads, cute babe posing video, funny animals, beautiful wine, and billiards! Yes, you’ve read right, pool players and friends – billiards!

PicVi Graphic

I’ve already bookmarked PicVi for its humorous videos and sports pictures! A very entertaining site, indeed! It's all about the lighter side of life! And I kid you not!


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