Saturday, June 7, 2008

Backgammon Masters Will Aid Earthquake Victims in China!

Remember the posts I did on using my ever reliable online search tools and all? Guess what friends, BackgammonMasters, an online backgammon site where thousands of online gamblers across the world play backgammon, has decided to aid survivors of the 7.8 earthquake in China! Yes, you read right, friends! BackgammonMasters will help our brothers and sisters in China who were hit by the 7.8 earthquake by matching $5 for every $1 donated from a months worth of tournament buy-ins ranging from $4.50 to $200! And I kid you not!

Backgammon Masters Graphic

Online players will participate in online backgammon and blackjack tournaments where all of the prize money will go directly to the UNICEF organization with the task of helping out and providing assistance to child victims of the 7.8 earthquake. BackgammonMasters will offer backgammon and blackjack tournaments all month long, round the clock, thus, anytime a member logs in they be able to register and start playing immediately for this great cause! And guess what! Online players can also add additional winnings from other games to a special donation account that has been setup for each player by Backgammon Masters in the cashier!

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BackgammonMasters raised the ante by offering to match $5 on every $1 in the spirit of goodwill efforts made by various companies, e.g., PokerStars, who offered to match dollar for dollar. And truth be told, the Asian market makes up a substantial percentage of BackgammonMasters’ traffic, due in part to the Chinese dice game (Perudo) offered on the site. However, it is not the reason why BackgammonMasters is helping out the earthquake victims! BackgammonMasters believes in promoting charitable online gaming and aims to make such community outreach programs commonplace in the online casino industry!

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A hat tip to BackgammonMasters, one great online backgammon site offering games, online casino, blackjack, and more! After all, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give! Kudos to BackgammonMasters!


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I appreciate the idea to aid earth quake sticker people. I can understand the the Backgammon players are known as semi worthwhile in generation of revenues.

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