Saturday, June 14, 2008 Identify Theft Prevention!

LifeLock GraphicJoanna Mae Molato, one of my billiards buddies, sent a request for some sites on identity theft prevention programs. Joanna Mae wanted peace of mind, and I completely understand. And with all the news about identity theft, hackers, and data breaches, it’s not hard to understand why! My online search tools brought back a number of sites, including, which is touted as America's number one Identity theft prevention program.

A quick browse of the LifeLock reviews reveals that more than 700,000 customers have chosen LifeLock to guarantee their good name! Wow! That’s a lot of customers in my book! Or in anyone’s book, mind you! The Life Lock services include the Fraud Alerts - fraud alerts are placed on one's information with credit-reporting companies; no more junk mails - LifeLock will have one’s name removed from the Direct Marketing Association’s list to reduce or eliminate opportunities for identity thieves; no more phone solicitors; and credit reports - after one enrolls with, they will receive copies of their credit reports from all the major credit-reporting companies to check for any errors or signs of fraud. But wait, there’s more! has the WalletLock - if one’s wallet is ever lost or stolen, LifeLock will help replace all the documents carried! These include driver’s license, Social Security cards, insurance cards, checkbook, traveler’s checks, passport, and visas! Use promotion code RD32 to receive the best discount available! And lest I forget, LifeLock will guarantee one’s identity up to $1,000,000! Wow! That’s putting one’s money where its mouth is!

I think Joanna Mae Molato will be very pleased with! And with everything that LifeLock promises to do with regards to preventing identify theft, my billiards buddy will definitely have peace of mind! And I kid you not!


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