Friday, June 6, 2008

Littman Brothers: Lights, Great Site on Ceiling Fans, Lighting & Illumination Products!

One of billiards buddies, Ritchlie Lyndon Magtulis, aka Dondon, is currently in the phase of building his second home. Dondon Magtulis asked me to help him out search for online sites offering home lighting ideas, as well as sites with ceiling fans for sale. Armed with my ever reliable online search tools and all, I decided to browse the World Wide Web and came upon, which is a lighting retailer that also sells ceiling fans.

Littman Brothers Lighting Graphic

The Littman Brothers story started way back in 1979, with one small retail store in Chicago, IL, importing ceiling fans and lighting fixtures from Taiwan under its own private label - Littman Bros. It operated via a single retail store and within just 10 years, the business grew to a very impressive 25 retail outlets! The company’s full service lighting gallery in Illinois comes complete with vignettes to showcase popular and high end manufacturer’s products, while offering design ideas to homeowners and custom builders that allow them to visualize lighting, furniture and fans in a home setting even before making a single purchase!

Littman Brothers Lighting Image is particularly proud of its salespeople, who have decades of lighting knowledge, design ideas, technical information, and installation tips under their belts. Whether its ceiling fans, wall sconces, forecast lighting, ceiling medallions, or under cabinet lighting, each and every one of’s sales staff has access to over 200 lighting, furniture and home accessory manufacturers – all geared towards addressing the various needs of customers, we have what you need.

And for those who don’t have the time to travel and browse, they can do it online via’s online showroom, which features the best selection of the company’s lighting gallery to customers all over the country! It isn’t just an e-commerce site, mind you! It is a full service and comprehensive website - complete with vendor partnerships – offering unlimited product selection at competitive prices!

For those in need of ceiling fans, under cabinet lightning, forecast lighting fixtures, or what-have-you ideas, try Its efforts to treat every customer professionally amidst a very enjoyable shopping experience and a ton of great products will surely score well with anyone! And truth be told, I think my friend, Ritchlie Lyndon Magtulis, will be very pleased with Littman Brothers! And I kid you not!


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