Saturday, June 14, 2008

London Escorts at Babylongirls!

Babylongirls GraphicRexel Agapay, a billiards buddy, sent me an email from London, England. It’s his first time in the lovely city and he wants to see most of the sights in his 5-day stay. Armed with my online search tools and all, I decided to browse the Internet about London escorts to help out Rexel.

My tools brought back a number of sites, including one that caught my attention – Babylongirls. Babylongirls’ site features a ton of pictures of its London escorts, all dressed down to a minimum! And I kid you not! It must be a marketing strategy of sort because, truth be told, who wouldn’t be glued to their computer monitor with all those pictures of hot and foxy escorts? Babylongirls presents itself as a popular London escort agency that offers lovely escorts via a personalized service for anyone interested in elegant companionship in the famed city. It reputedly provides high-class escorts in London for anyone visiting, whether it’s a business trip or for pleasure.

The escorts featured at Babylongirls can be organized alphabetically by name. Listings include the female escorts’ age, eyes and hair colors, vital statistics, availability, nationality, e.g., Russian, Latin, European, Asian, etc., and special escort booking offers. Babylongirls could be a very interesting site to check out for those interested in London escorts.


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