Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Efren Bata Reyes Wins Over Austin Murphy in the IPT Challenge Match!

Congratulations to Filipino pool player Efren Bata Reyes, aka The Magician, for winning the April 29, 2008 International Pool Tour Viewers Choice Challenge Match! Efren Reyes won over Austin Murphy with a 15-6 score. And lest I forget, here is a YouTube video from Inside Pool Magazine featuring the Hall of Famer before the match got underway.

And here is a special treat - a question-and-answer advisory from the IPT, featuring the 14-year-old pool prodigy, Austin Murphy!

Austin Murphy Graphic

Q: Mr. Murphy, when and where were you born?

Austin: I was born in Sacramento, CA on July 12th, 1993.

Q: Where do you live today?

Austin: Folsom, CA (it’s basically Sacramento)

Q: When were you first introduced to pool? By whom?

Austin: In 2001 when I was 7 years old, my older brother Braden and I used to hang out in the kids room of the local tennis club where my mom and dad would work out or play tennis. They had 2 pool tables in this room and my brother Braden started playing a lot of pool in there because it was something he could do from his wheelchair. I played too, just because he was. After about 6 months of practicing we talked my dad into taking us to a pool tournament and I won money in my first tournament. That got me hooked.

Q: Do you have a coach?

Austin: I don’t have an official pool playing coach but my dad helps me with mental toughness and good preparation. I learned a lot from watching all the good players and am still learning a lot by watching them.

Q: What’s in your cue case?

Austin: Two FURY cues and two extra shafts. My playing cue is a FURY RP-10 and my jump/break cue is a FURY JB-RW. I also have a towel, a tip pick and some candy.

Q: How has growing taller throughout your pool career affected your stroke, aim, and other aspects of the game? Are you taller than your pool cue?

Austin: Just 1 ½ years ago I was only 5’ 1”. Now I’m 5’ 10” which is quite a bit taller than my cue. It was really tough when I was shorter because there were so many times that I had to use the mechanical bridge and you can’t get the same stroke as you can when using your normal off hand bridge. I also used to have to shoot side armed but as I grew taller it came naturally for me to drop my elbow and get my stroke much more in alignment.

Q: Are you currently in school?

Austin: I am a freshman at Vista Del Lago High School in Folsom, CA.

Q: How do you handle the traveling for pool and keep your grades up?

Austin: If I miss five days or more I can do what they call independent study, where I am allowed to take that week’s work ahead of time so that I can do it on the trip. I’ve done a lot of homework in airplanes and in the back seat of our van and in hotel rooms. If I miss less than 5 days, I have to make it up when I get back home and that can be pretty tough but I just get it done. I currently have a 4.0 GPA so far in high school.

Q: Who is usually your road partner?

Austin: When traveling, my dad is always the one that goes everywhere with me. My brother also comes the majority of the time. My mom comes sometimes, but normally has something else to do.

Q: What is your regular practice routine? Where do you play?

Austin: I don’t really have any structured practice times or routines. I play in three to four tournaments each week and get there about an hour early to practice ahead of time before the tournament starts. I usually just toss the balls out at random or break and practice running out. I also practice between my matches to keep in stroke. We have a pool table in our garage and if I have a big tournament coming up I’ll put in quite a few hours in there. My dad makes me a deal where I have to pay $2.00 to play the ghost a race to 7 in 9-Ball and he’ll give me $1.00 for every game I win. I’ve been profiting $5.00 a set for a while now.

Q: There is a lot of pressure in pool….how do you get your head in the game before a match?

Austin: It comes naturally because I am so competitive.

Q: You are much younger than most other pros. Do you ever feel intimidated by players with more experience?

Austin: I have a lot of respect for them but I have a lot of confidence in my ability to compete, so that takes the edge off a bit. I think they might feel a little pressure playing someone so young, so that evens things up a bit.

Q: What kind of music do you like?

Austin: I like country and Hip Hop. I also like beat boxing.

Q: What are your favorite pastimes besides pool?

Austin: I like to play many different sports, but the one that I have been focusing on the most is tennis. I am the number one player on the varsity tennis team. My win loss record so far this season is 10-3 which is pretty good considering I’m only a freshman and have to compete against juniors and seniors.

Q: How does your leisure time compare to that of other teenagers?

Austin: Many of the kids my age spend time hanging out with friends, but for me it seems as though I am constantly busy. My typical day is getting up before 7:00am, starting school at 8:00am, going to tennis practice or a tennis match until 6:00pm and then it’s off to a local pool tournament from 7:30pm to 10:00pm. All the local pool rooms are over 30 minutes away from our home so I do a lot of homework in our van. I’m looking forward to summer vacation.

Q: You have traveled the world. What is your favorite cuisine?

Austin: I still prefer the food in the U.S.

Q: What do you normally eat for dinner at home?

Austin: Normally I eat some kind of meat with vegetables and rice or potatoes.

Q: What is the worst place you have ever had to sleep while on the road?

Austin: There haven’t been any memorable nights that were tough, but I do sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag when my whole family stays in one room. It’s really not that bad though. I bring my own pillow.

Q: Who is your idol in pool? Outside of pool?

Austin: I’ve always respected Johnny Archer, but outside of pool my idols are my parents.

Q: If you have your way, what will your first car be?

Austin: Personally, I could care less about how fancy my car is. I really want a Toyota Prius so that I can save a lot of money on gas. I used to want a Corvette.

Q: Do you plan to go to college? If so, where?

Austin: Currently I am hoping to maintain my 4.0 GPA and hopefully go on to UCLA or maybe Stanford.

Q: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Austin: I hope that in five years I will be in the finals of the World 9-ball and 8-Ball Championships…again.

Congratulations Efren and Austin!

"The Anitokid loves challenge matches!"

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