Sunday, August 3, 2008

Iris Ranola Wins Over Allison Fisher at WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championship!

Iris Ranola GraphicFilipino pool player Iris Ranola, a qualifier at the Women’s Professional Billiard Association’s (WPBA) U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship, defeated No. 1-ranked Allison Fisher in their first-round match! Yes, you’ve read right, friends! Iris Ranola sent the Duchess of Doom to the losers side in their first-round meet up! And I kid you not!

Truth be told, Iris Ranola is playing in just her second WPBA event! The Filipina pool player, coached and trained in the Philippines by my good friend Edgar Boyet Asonto, battled Allison Fisher evenly through 16 games, forcing a hill-hill scenario at 8-8! Awesome!

Allison Fisher initially had the advantage after Iris Ranola missed the 4 ball. However, the Duchess of Doom ended up with an awkward position on the 6, rattling it, and leaving a runout for Iris! Ranola found herself a straight-in shot on the 8 ball, which required her to cue over the 9. Although she missed, Fisher needed to perform a three-rail - around the world - position for the 9-ball. The Duchess scratched due to too much draw! Iris Ranola then completed her quest for one shocking upset! Believe it or not!

Lest I forget, Iris Ranola plays with the Predator P2 pool cue! It's the Fighting Iris' weapon of choice!

Go Iris! The Philippine billiards community is rooting for you!

*The WPBA U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships kicked off on July 31, 2008, with a full 64-player field. This 9-balll event will conclude on August 3, 2008. It is hosted by Riverwind Casino in
Norman, OK.

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