Friday, August 1, 2008

Wamu Savings Accounts: More Bank Services for the Buck!

WaMu Savings Accounts GraphicMy pool player friend, Wilfredo Crespillo, read my posts on WaMu and the services it offers, e.g., savings accounts, and was particularly impressed with how WaMu presents itself. WaMu highlights an informal, friendly, and fun way of doing things – seriously taking care of their customers’ money but not themselves! WaMu talks to customers in a straightforward manner with absolutely no bank talk! Moreover, its belief that that no one else or no other bank comes close with regards to how it focuses on consumers, small business and commercial customers like it does makes it stand out from the pack and all!

And it is not just savings accounts that WaMu is famous for! Do check out the other WaMu bank services such as online savings, checking accounts, statement savings, home loans and mortgages, home equity loans and lines, traditional certificate of deposit (CD), online CD, liquid CD, and more! For those into trivia, here’s are some little known facts: WaMu pioneered the first home loan in 1890; initiated the first shared ATM network in the 1970s; debut full-service brokerage and mutual funds through its stores in the 1980s, and was the first bank to do so; developed a new retail store design in the late 1990s, etc.

For anyone looking for excellent savings accounts and other banking services, do check at WaMu! It is one an interesting find! And I kid you not!


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