Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Great Boston Moving Company: Humboldt Storage & Moving

Humboldt Storage & Moving Co GraphicMy online billiards buddy, Ted Castro, lives in Massachusetts and is currently searching for professional movers in the area to move his billiards table and billiards bar-related equipment. He placed a telephone call about 45 minutes ago and wanted me to help him out with his search. Not known to disappoint, I got my ever reliable online search tools and browsed the World Wide Web for such, and came upon Humboldt Storage and Moving.

A thorough browse of the site reveals that Humboldt, an independent moving company, is the oldest and most experienced Boston moving company in Massachusetts. And I kid you not! Humboldt’s team of professional movers manages both local and international moving tasks, e.g., planning, employee relocation services, automobile shipping, and art storage.

Humboldt touts its expertise in the business of packing, storing, moving and unpacking – a responsibility that calls for a lot and one that involves more than just storage space, strong backs, and good trucks. Humboldt believes that it is also about trust – the type that its clients put on it to take of their moving needs. But wait, there’s more! Humboldt’s hands-on senior management team follow up on clients with regard to moving jobs to make sure that everything is going as planned! And how about its drivers and movers? They are all qualified and certified to boot!

With all of these and more, it’s no wonder that customers are all positive about Humboldt Storage and Moving and its moving and storage services!


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