Saturday, July 26, 2008

Used Cars at Manchester NH Used Cars: The Werner Dealerships!

Manchester NH Used Cars GraphicCedric Hufano, a billiards buddy based in Manchester, Hampshire, sent an email requesting help to find used car dealers in the area. My pool player friend has just landed a job in Manchester and wanted to find good online used car sites to purchase a vehicle for his daily travel needs.

My online search tools led me to Manchester NH Used Cars, i.e., the Werner Dealerships, which specialize in used cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs for everyone living in the Manchester, Nashua, and Concord areas of New Hampshire.

A quick background check revealed that Manchester NH Used Cars carries the tradition of exceptional value and outstanding customer service began by the Talarico family. You see, after 15 successful years in the business, Steve Talarico sold both of his Gold Street dealerships, i.e., Pontiac/Cadillac/GMC and Mazda, in November 2005, to his long-time general manager Robert Werner.

Customer feedback is all positive about the Werner Dealerships, particularly when it comes to choosing a used car dealer in the Manchester, Nashua, or Concord, NH. Customers touts car purchases at the Werner Dealerships as an enjoyable experience – complete with personally guarantees!

For those not in the know, Werner Pontiac/Cadillac/GMC is located at 1050 Gold Street, while Werner Mazda is at 850 Gold Street. The latter is one of Manchester's most highly commercialized areas! And I kid you not! Anyone looking for used cars is sure to have a treat with Werner Dealerships and its amazing inventory of used vehicles!


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