Saturday, July 5, 2008

SocialSpark Is Open for Business!

Guess what, friends! For bloggers looking for a way to earn some money from their blog – monetizing, building community, and driving traffic - check out the uber-cool SocialSpark! SocialSpark gives anyone and everyone those much-needed opportunities for non-paid and paid postings, while advocating community and social relations!

SocialSpark Graphic

Officially open for business, SocialSpark allows its members to leave props for each offer, a new way of giving a fellow blogger, or advertiser for that matter, a vote of confidence or high rating. Truth be told, I sincerely believe that SocialSpark's props system is one great idea of fostering and building friendships while simultaneously realizing money-making opportunities.

Believe you me, there is a ton of offers available at SocialSpark! And I kid you not! The money-making opportunities available at SocialSpark are categorized under sponsored posts, blog sponsorships, and Spark. All pertinent information can be readily accessed at the very-well organized SocialSpark home page. And lest I forget, only SocialSpark has a code of ethics to guide both bloggers and advertisers! Yes, SocialSpark has a code of ethics, friends! In a nutshell, the SocialSpark code of ethics can be summarized as follows: it is 100% audit-able in-post disclosure; it is 100% transparency; it is 100% real opinions; and it is 100% search engine friendly! Yes, you read right - it is 100% search engine friendly!

Sponsored by SocialSpark

Yes, this is a sponsored post, friends. But, honest to goodness, I have signed up with SocialSpark! Yes, I did, everyone! No kidding! Do check out my SocialSpark profileI hope you like what you see!


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