Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pool Cues of Antonio Gabica: Predator Blak 2 & Predator BK2!

Antonio Gaga Gabica Pool Cues GraphicBilliards buddies, pool players, and fans, check out the pool cues of my good friend, Antonio Gabica, aka Gaga! And what are the Filipino pool player's weapons of choice? Gaga uses the Predator Blak 2 pool cue and the Predator BK2 break cue!

Antonio Gaga Gabica Pool Cues ImageThe Predator Blak 2 pool cue is designed for the world’s most discriminating players! And champions, if I may add! Predator Blak’s stunning looks sure did distract me when Gaga and I played a couple of sets at Rack 'Em Up - home of one of my pool clubs, the Rackista Billiards Club!

Antonio Gaga Gabica Billiard Cues GraphicThe Predator Blak 2 features C4 technology reinforced with phenolic to cut down on vibration and all - performance aimed to destroy the competition! And oh! Antonio Gabica uses a a Predator Predator 314-2 shaft with his Predator Blak 2 pool cue.

Antonio Gaga Gabica Billiard Cues ImageAntonio Gabica is an Asian Games and SEA Games gold medalist. Other credentials of my good friend include the following: 2004 Philippine Open Champion, 2003 Tokyo 9-Ball Open Champion, Rookie of the Year-US Pool Tour, and much more!

Antonio Gabica Billiard Cues Graphic

Check out those cool ebony/micarta inlays, everyone! Predator Cues' Blak 2 pool cue integrates a steel joint and butt cap, and double silver and single micarta rings! Everyone knows how much I love ebony cues! And truth be told, that is one beautiful pool cue!

Antonio Gabica Pool Cues GraphicAntonio Gabica’s Predator BK2 break cue features a Uni-Loc joint and is wrapless. The 29” Predator BK2 shaft features Predator’s proprietary three-part tip technology and is rear weighted. You should see Gaga break the rack! He really breaks well - and hard!

Antonio Gaga Gabica Billiard Cues GraphicAnd did you know that Antonio Gabica has the same type of Predator BK2 that Efren Bata Reyes uses? Yes, he does! Both Gaga and The Magician use a wrapless Predator BK2! Check out this cool post i did on Efren Bata Reyes' pool cues for more info, friends!

Lest I forget, Rubilen Amit, aka Bingkay also uses a Predator BK2 to shatter balls during breaks! Hers feature an Irish linen wrap - just like my BK2, everyone!

Antonio Gabica Billiard Cues ImageThat's one cool set of pool cues for one of the Philippines' most likable and bankable billiards champions! The Predator Blak 2 and the Predator BK2 - beautiful pool cues, indeed! And I kid you not!

Antonio Gaga Gabica Billiard Cues GraphicOne of my billiards buddies shot this picture while me and Gaga were playing a couple of sets of 9-ball - 'twas a loser set match! Gaga gave me 7,9.

When this shot was taken, Gaga was left holding our pool cues - yes, you guessed right - i was busy setting up the rack! :)

Gaga is holding the Predator Blak 2 pool cue in his left hand, and in his right hand is the pool cue I brought along for our friendly game of pool. Guess what it is, friends! :)

"The AnitoKid loves Predator Cues!"

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