Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Poker Ownage: A Cool Online Poker Blog!

PokerOwnage GraphicRicky Ramos, a billiards buddy of mine who plays at Rack ‘Em Up, wanted to know more about online poker sites and all. Ricky read quite a number of posts on online poker sites that I made for some of my pool player friends. This got him interested for he has been playing poker for 12 years now! No kidding! Thus, armed with my ever reliable and trustworthy online search tools, I browsed the World Wide Web information retrieval system for some of the best online poker sites out there, and came upon PokerOwnage.

PokerOwnage is an online poker blog written by real poker players that can relate to all things about poker. At Poker Ownage features some of the Internet’s current online poker rooms, poker room reviews, and the latest poker bonus codes aimed at increasing one’s bankroll. PokerOwnage also features a rules page, as well as strategies and tips for some of the World Wide Web’s popular poker games, e.g., Texas holdem and Omaha hi.

Other interesting information on online poker that can be found at PokerOwnage include poker gossip and rumors, poker news, and gambling news from the world over. But wait, there’s more, friends! PokerOwnage also has quite an interesting number of reviews on online poker rooms, links to online casinos, online slots, and poker forums!

Truth be told, I sincerely believe that my pool player friend will find PokerOwnage a very interesting read on online poker! And I kid you not!


Anonymous said...

Nice Blog
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THE ANiTOKiD said...

Am glad you liked it!



learn to play poker said...

I like your blog post it is always good to find new blogs and forums with interesting information and tips to help people learn to play poker

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Thank you for the kind words, buddy!


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