Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Pet Reforsado as Tour Director of D'Professional 9-Ball Club!

9-Ball Club Graphic

Fellow pool players, fans, and friends - Ted Simon, aka Boy Sibat, President of D’Professional 9-Ball Club, formally appoints Pet Reforsado of LSI as Tournament Coordinator effective immediately.

As Tournament Coordinator, Pet Reforsado, will be responsible for
  • Updating of listing for confirmed players
  • Announcement of changes in the the tournament
  • Coordination with Hobbies Billiard for the venue, schedule and reservation for D'Professional 9-Ball Club's first singles competition for 2008
  • Buy Boy Sibat a bottle of beer as required and necessary ^_^

From Boy Sibat - "Salamat Pet sa kabaitan at pa kawan gawa mo para sa club.... Isa kang tunay na mandirigma."

Congratulations Pet! Am definitely looking forward to meeting you guys again! And I kid you not!

"You gotta love The AnitoKid!"

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