Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Casino Scrutiny: Your Guide to Online Casinos!

Online Casinos Graphic

I just received a long-distance phone call from one of my billiard buddies based in London, England. My pool buddy wanted to know some of the best online casinos today. I did the search using my different online tools and came upon Casino Scrutiny, which touts itself as an online casino gambling guide for beginners. Casino Scrutiny features casino reviews of some of the best online casinos, e.g., Golden Casino, Rushmore Casino, and Millionaire Casino.

What makes Casino Scrutiny stand out from the pack is its personal approach in reviewing online casinos. The approach consists of the author’s own journals and logs of his experiences playing at some of the online casinos. From what I’ve gathered, the author of Casino Scrutiny details the customer service and crews of different online casinos and highlights the online casino software used to come up with his personal and objective take on playing at the respective online casinos. And taking it to another level, the author also elucidates about the various facets that make online casinos an exciting experience, e.g., clearing the bonus requirements of online casinos. It goes without saying that Casino Scrutiny also discusses other important features relating to online casinos, such as licensing and banking info.

All in all, I believe that Casino Scrutiny’s personal approach to online casinos makes it stand out from the rest. After all, after all is said and done, playing at online casinos is a matter of choice – a personal experience of the Internet gambler in some of us. And I kid you not!


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