Thursday, April 3, 2008

Car Insurance Info at CarInsuranceRates!

Car Insurance GraphicRelevant car insurance info at! I was tinkering away on my computer about 30 minutes ago when I chanced upon touts itself as a full service quote website offering instant car insurance. In operation since 1997, helps inform consumers about car insurance via the offering of quality information. Such information includes an archive of automotive insurance articles, tips, and expert advice. Some of the most popular articles found at include posts on the 10 easiest cars to get insured, getting that first ticket, comparison between full coverage vs. liability only, how collision claims affect car insurance, guide to cheap insurance, the top 10 hardest cars to get insured, etc.

Car Insurance Image
And oh!’s guide to car insurance rates is geared towards giving users all the necessary information to lower their premiums! Now, we are talking savings here, everyone! So, how is the information found at They are categorized state by state! Now, that is pretty neat! No information overload this time! Another interesting feature that I liked about is its advanced search capability. This feature allows users and prospective customers to browse the online site and find specific and relevant topics in’s database. And get this, friends! When a user feels ready to receive a quote, he or she simply utilizes the quote box found at the top left of the website! Now, that is one nice feature! And I kid you not!


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Great info for us. This is a good link to check for good deal on car insurance. They do offer free quotes online. Check it out

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