Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The cardinal rule at The Cardinal Santos Hospital: 15T down or you're out!

Here's an interesting read from my email. I'm posting it in its entirety. Read on...

Just don't know if this also holds for HMO cardholders. ..
Dear Would be Sick Friends,

Here is a real life experience I had when I took my grandson to Cardinal Santos Hospital, a hospital named after the memory of a very passionate Christian man and servant leader. This happened last Feb 9, Wednesday 10:30 pm at the Cardinal Santos Emergency Room.


"For admission po ba ang apo ninyo? Mag-down po kayo ng P15 thousand!" This was the cold reception of the admitting officer at Cardinal Santos Hospital as I shiver upon the diagnosis of resident doctor (Dr. Joan Tan from the emergency room) that my 6 month old grandson (Xandro Ynigo Blanco Zubia) had pneumonia and needed admission.

I bled dry. Nanuyo lalamunan ko, nanginig buong laman ko, halos maubos ang dugo-I could have dropped dead and mistaken for dead on arrival. Face to face with a trained cold hearted medical staff, I said---"WHATTTTT, do you think I'd walk in here with P15 cash on hand. That's exhorbitant! Where does it say in your medical book that "before you get sick, you should have 15t cash on hand or you will be refused admission! Mamamatay ka ng dilat ang mata!"

"Eh yan po ang policy namin, nun Thursday (Feb 3) lang po inimplement. "Teka...Is that information posted anywhere in the hospital? Was that policy properly disseminated to all your good paying public? Dapat alam yan lahat ng pasyenteng ninyong pumapasok dito! No one in his right mind will bring that amount with him for an emergency case.

Not even the richest Chinoy in Greenhills!

And if the bills don't reach 15t do I get my money back?' I retorted, blood boiling.
Ay mga 1 month po ang processing ng reimbursement ninyo kung may sobra! he answered reassuringly.
Ganun? You must be sick in the head!
Eh yun po ang policy!
That policy stinks as bad as your hospital services!

Here's the juicier part -- I had to wait for another 30 minutes for the xray results while Xandro was gasping for breath.
Eto pa matindi---hinabol pa ako ng guard because I needed to pay the x-ray fee which was taking them hours to prepare and hand over to me!
(DISGUSTING! ) Mabilis sa pera, mabagal sa serbisyo!"

And so I left and went straight to The New Medical City. The next scene was a complete turnaround from what I experienced at Cardinal Santos.
The nurses and attending physician were quick. "Talagang emergency!

Upon arrival, they took the vital signs. Followed by a bombardment of questions on Xandro's medical history. "Kelan po nagumpisa ubo't sipon, nilagnat po ba siya, ilang araw na po, may history po ba ka! yo ng asthma, ano pong gamot ang binigay ninyo. Nasuka po ba, nakakadede po ba ng maayos? These and more. Then, the doctor subjected my grandson to a nebulizer. 3x in a row in a span of an hour.

As opposed to the kind of "kunyaring emergency" service we got from Cardinal Santos. Hours later, nakahinga siya ng mabuti,,,lalo naman ako! It was only after a complete emergency diagnosis that the good nurse asked me to go to the admission office and get a room for Xandro. Fresh from verbal battle from the other hospital, I was geared up for the next bout with the admitting officer so I went through the routine again of filling up the form.

And now here's the final blow. Magkano ida-down ko?

"Naku, kung magkano lang po ang kaya ninyo. was the immediate reply. Can I use my credit card? Ay opo, basta Visa or Mastercard. Nakaayos na po yung room ninyo. Ipapanik na lang po kayo pag okey na kay doctor.

That's simple service! Simple courtesy of handling a panic striken customer without taking a deep breath! Now, be patient (no pun intented) Cast in your verdict. Or cash in your 15T! By the way, Cardinal Santos is undergoing facility repairs. Baka dun nila gagamitin yung downpayment. A concrete wall for every P15t cash donor. Who'd give out that amount at a moment's notice--- for every breath a patient takes!

Next time you go on emergency-- remember Cardinal Santos' cardinal rule " P15T or out you go!

Nini M. Blanco
Communication Consultancy Group
Corporate Affairs Office
San Miguel Corp.
Podium Level, HOC , Ortigas Mandaluyong City
6322331/0917 8276924

To members of the medical community,
you did take a vow to save lives, right?
The AnitoKid is just asking - no more, no less.
And I kid you not!

What do you think, thinker?



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Ary said...

Wowoweee! Sooo Cardinal! hihi

Anonymous said...

i agree! have been to Medical City last week and maganda talaga ang service nila.

Ann said...

Hay nakakafrustrate talaga ang mga cases like that. Pano kung sobrang serious nung patient? Good luck na lang?

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Couldn't help but think, what if it was the other way around? How would they react? What would they feel? Frustrated? Angry? Helpless? The guy who wrote the email apparently had money to spend! What more for our misfortunate brothers and sisters? A sad note it is.

Manila Mom said...

Cases like this should be made public in all newspapers and on TV and radio. Passing around an email is a good start.

There should be a regulatory board that could penalize hospitals doing these things, whether private or public.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Definitely, Manila Mom! Fines and penalties will rock such institutions - and with hope, will serve as a catalyst for reminding everyone in the medical community that saving lives does not correlate with a person's capacity to pay.

Kim said...

grabe naman sila.. they should've at least checked first the poor childs condition and made sure that he's fine before asking for money.. Money really does make the world go round for those stupid a$$&%^@$!!!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Well said Kim!

Anonymous said...

I think this is a smear campaign against Cardinal Santos. After all, Cardinal at Medical City ang competitors dahil magkalapit lang sila.

My husband was also hospitalized this year sa Medical City for a minor surgery. Nakaiwan po ng gauze sa loob ng asawa ko and one month bago namin nalaman dahil hindi siya gumagaling.

I also know four people who had similar situations na may naiwang gauze sa loob ng loved ones nila. Not to mention the recent Supreme Court ruling requiring Medical City to pay 3M for the family of the pregnant woman who died dahil naiwanan din ng gauze sa loob. Nablood poison siya.

Medical City even had the nerve to deny na nakaiwan sila ng gauze even if the doctor who operated on my husband already admitted na naiwan niya.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

I don't think it is a smear campaign Rochelle. After all, the guy did leave his contact info at the end of the post. Like ManilaMom said, what is important here is that cases like this should be made public. It's a way all may know and decide what is true or not. Much thanks for taking time out to comment.

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experiences in Cardinal Santos too. The senior citizen discount due to my Mom who is 63 years old. was not given to us and when I was asking for the discount tapos na daw ang transaction dun daw ako sa EVP mag complain and so I did. After so many telephone calls and a written complaint I was told na it's their policy that once the transaction is completed wala ng refund. Yung cashier daw ang singilin ko. I told them to reply to my complaint in writing.

This morning naman when I was asking for the breakdown of the Philhealth discount the girl at the Philhealth section was so MASUNGIT and telling me na hindi daw kailangan yun bla bla bla. I told them that's the requirement of Philhealth so she gave me the breakdown in a piece of paper from the adding machine without any identification that it came from Cardinal. Sabi ko can you pls at least put a stamp of the hospital and sign it kase ang layo ng bahay ko I don't have time to go back just for that piece of paper. This breakdown is normally in the itemized billing record that they don't provide.

The people who work for that hospital should be "SERVICE ORIENTED" most of them are masungit and unapproachable I

THE ANiTOKiD said...

More and more complaints against the hospital seem to surface. Hmmmm. When there's smoke, there's fire. Cough cough cough

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!