Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conti's at Serendra sucks!

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Conti’s at Serendra SUCKS!

Note: This account is based on my personal experiences and they are factual. I am not writing this to drive away customers from Conti’s but for the management to improve its service.

I repeat, Conti’s at Serendra really SUCKS!!! I hope the owners of this restaurant get to read this. Actually, the one that sucks is their customer service. I don’t know if it is the same as the one in BF Paranaque or in Greenhills ( I hope not) but the personnel in the said restaurant is not trained to give quality customer service. It is a pity because the place has good food but the bad customer service will eventually shoo away some customers.

My first experience involved a waitress who I think is into drugs. It happened about two months ago when I ate there together with a friend of mine. The waitress took our orders and asked for our drinks. We said that we were going to have iced teas. I don’t know if the girl took down our orders but after a few minutes she asked again what our drinks would be. Ok, it was just “mababaw” and I just let it go. After that, she asked us if we would like to order cakes for our dessert. We said that we would order after we already finished our meals. She said that we can already order and the cakes would only come out after our meals so we ordered cakes. After some time, the cakes came out ahead of our meals! What the hell?!? The waitress should not have made the suggestion in the first place! Also, the waiters there are having a hard time of giving us water to drink. I requested about 5x before our water arrive! After that I swore not to eat there again.


About three weeks ago, my girlfriend invited me to have lunch at Conti’s together with some of her family members. I decided to tag along and give Conti’s another chance. I also thought that they would have already improved there service. Well.. TO HELL WITH ME!

Me and my girlfriend arrived at Conti’s first and we were to reserve a table for 7. We approached the manager (or owner?) to reserve. HE said “sir as of now wala po kami for 7, meron kami for 4, pero as soon as meron ng for 7 lalagay na namin kayo dun.” sabi namin “sige we’ll wait”. We sat at their waiting area. After a while, we noticed that all the people who are entering have been assigned tables. So I told the manager “Boss kunin na muna namin ung for 4, tapos antayin nlng naming ung katabi niyang table para mabuo ung for 7” The “smart” manager replied “ Sir wala na po kaming vacant table, lagay na lang po namin kayo sa waiting list para ung susunod na umalis sa inyo na” Punyeta! Kala ko ba nung una pa lng nasa waiting list na kami!? Tapos biglang sasabihin ililista kami!? Para ano pa na naghihintay kami dun? Manager (Guy), you know who you are you son of a _____! But for the sake of my other companions, I cooled down immediately.

At Last!

We were seated and ordered our food. Some of our orders arrived but we noticed that two of our orders haven’t arrived. We kept on following up the orders but to no avail. They said that it was still being cooked. After our follow up for the nth time, we overheard two waiters arguing. Our orders have not been taken down! Shit!

After that I swore that I will never visit Conti’s at Serendra again! NEVER!!

To the management: PLEASE IMPROVE!


So, what do you think thinker?



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Novice Blogger said...

oh? di nga? parang dito pa naman ako pupunta this sat with some friends!

Heavy Eater said...

tsk tsk tsk, bad...

Anonymous said...

really? i wanted to treat my husband at conti's at serendra on his birthday coz the food there is really good. how sad that their personnel are not well trained. i hope they improve their customer service very soon.

Anonymous said...

my husband ate there and he hated it as well.

after a series of bad service, they ordered one box of cake to go :) when they decided to eat it there na lang, the waitress told them na may charge daw for cutting the cake! haller :)

so they asked if they can buy dessert from some other place and eat it in contis... may charge daw ba??? the waitress said wala daw! mas expensive pa to buy a contis cake and have it cut there! corkage? STUPID :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Corkage for cutting the cake? Now, that's a new one! Had a good laugh with this one! And i kid you not!


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