Monday, June 25, 2007

The AnitoKid's thoughts on Andrew dela Serna's views.

Found this rude comment left by a certain Andrew Dela Serna, at my friend over at ManilaMom.

Andrew said, "It would have been more legit if you didn't join those link trains."

More Legit? Is there such a phrase? Are you passing judgment, Andrew? Kabayan? I respect your views and all, Mr. Andrew. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But what i will not tolerate is your arrogance and rudeness! What you said was uncalled for. And to come from a fellow Pinoy blogger! Imagine that!

First and foremost, link trains are not imposed on anyone - they are not compulsory, my friend. They are voluntary - plain and simple. A blogger's participation in link trains does not mean that one does not write original and relevant content in one's blog, not unless all your posts consist only of such trains.

As I've previously said before, I will not tolerate rudeness. And here is my take on the subject at hand, posted at Andrew dela Serna's blog.

  • Kabayan, i sincerely believe that it was rude of you to have made such a comment - “More Legit” - at ManilaMom’s. I sincerely and honestly believe that you owe her an apology. A big one, kabayan.

    Why do we blog? To communicate and exchange ideas and to develop friendships, right? Link trains is a way to advance such purposes. And oh! Are link trains compulsory? Are they imposed on bloggers? Have all that participated in “trains” earned money? Earned more money? Could it be that joining link trains is about having fun? An avenue of exploring other blogs? Could it be a good start to build one’s community slowly and steadily into something big? Maybe? Maybe not?

    The hundreds of bloggers who have joined such trains know that such “fun” are within the bounds of Technorati’s rules - the premiere authority in deciding what is and what is not legit with regards to backlinks, linkback, etc.’s rules are crystal clear - and they are based on Technorati data and Feedburner stats. I searched’s site high and low but couldn’t find any guidelines or so-called rules on determining what is “More Legit” and what is not. So what gives? I could only think of one thing, “Your comment was rude and uncalled for, kabayan.”

    Everybody followed the rules - Technorati,, etc. - worked within them, and did no harm to anybody. None. Nada. Zit. Zero. Wala.

    “More Legit?” When you left those those words at ManilaMom, it gave the impression that everyone who joined such trains did it in bad faith, are shady in character, and whose content are irrelevant. You are mistaken, fellow blogger. Dearly mistaken.

    I love having fun! And for me, a link train is one fun activity! It allows me to introduce my site to other bloggers and permits me to come across their sites too. And to do that while improving one’s rank and all! Now! That is a great idea, if I ever saw one!

    You owe EVERYONE an apology. And you can start by apologizing to ManilaMom."

  • "Self-serving and useless, you say. Cough cough cough. What do I see i your sidebar - Link Exchange and LinksJuice Business Directory. Yeah, not link trains alright, but could it be a relative of sort with the trains, right? Maybe the parents where all this idea could have evolved?

    Couldn’t help but think about link farms, some link directories, and legitimate blogsites (made by some SEO software and automatic blog generators) containing links to and from other blogs. Are these More Legit because they were generated by software that comes with a price?

Mr. Andrew's response:
  • "Nope, unfortunately I can’t apologize for something I strongly believe in. And to make it clear, I was not referring to ManilaMom when I made that comment. I was referring to you and your “A-list blogger” claims. If you read my post above, link trains are NOT a way to advance your blogs. Even you have 100,000 links and 99.99% of them come from link trains, Technorati will never place you near the Top 100 because that list is handpicked. You are also courting trouble from Google because link trains are essentially link farms. I do know what I’m talking about, so don’t see this as a personal attack on you or anyone. Read up on SEO and you’ll know what I’m talking about."

The AnitoKid says
(but it didn't get published - wouldn't be surprised if he will prove me wrong and publish it in the next couple of hours...or even tomorrow :)
  • I respect your views and all, kabayan. Now you claim that it was I who you were referring to in your comment at ManilaMom. Which is which? You still don't get it, do you? This isn't about what you believe in anymore, IT IS HOW you said your piece.

    Whoever said i was aiming for the Technorati Top 100? My! If I could have wished for anything related to Technorati's Top Lists, it would have been the Top 10, not the Top 100! Please do not put words into my mouth, kabayan. If you can find at least one post from my blog stating that i was aiming for such, please publish the URL for all to see and prove me wrong. Have i, in any way, disrespected the rules you set forth at (which was developed by Mr. Andrew, himself, who uses data from Technorati) in relation to the way it ranks Filipino bloggers? Have you disseminated any rules, specific rules, stating that a Filipino blogger cannot join Link Trains if it is participating or will participate in's list? I respected your rules, worked within its bounds - just like the other Pinoy bloggers in your list.

    Have you seen my post on the A-list blogger thing? Because if you did, then you wouldn't have made such a nonsensical statement and give away yourself and true intentions. The A-List blogger icon, from, highlights sites that have garnered a minimum of 500 links in the last 180 days. Never did it mention in its rules, not even once, a thing or two about link trains.

    And why are you insinuating that I am courting trouble from Google? Again, you are putting words in my mouth, kabayan. I have followed Google's rules, just like everyone else. Bloggers far more experienced than me and RESPECTED too have initiated and joined link trains within the confines of the rules of Google, Technorati, Bloglines, etc. Why haven't I heard you commenting on their take? Why single out a Filipino blogger? A NOVICE PINOY BLOGGER?

    I have had my fair share of read on SEO, my friend, and I sincerely believe I know where I am coming from. Honestly, do you know where you are coming from? You may know more about SEO stuff and all, but can you differentiate good from bad? Right from wrong? Politeness from rudeness? Look before you leap, kabayan. Because if you do not, you may just end up flat and splat on your face.

    And in the context of the words spoken by my good friend over at DoshDosh,

  • "No one else is entirely responsible for the Most Favorited List, the Top 100 List, or any other list for that matter. Not disgruntled A List bloggers in danger of losing their coveted spot in the Top 100, nor bitter pundits who are irritated that collective action and efforts by small-time bloggers can yield results that are superior to what they have achieved individually.

  • To insist that new blogs entering the Top 100 list (or any other kind) will lower the credibility and value of the entire list automatically assumes the imposition of an objective value standard for such list or any list for the matter!

  • One should not presume to understand or appreciate how millions of bloggers perceive the Technorati ranking system. Nor should one assume that one's vision of the Top 100 or any other ranking list is a subjective value that is inherently shared by all bloggers in question."

    I respect your views, Mr. Andrew. Believe me, I honestly do. I could have insinuated that you are just envious that ManilaMom submitted two (2) very favorable reviews on the AnitoKid Chronikos. But, NO! I did not insinuate such a thing! I could have said that you are just sour graping because The AnitoKid is currently ranked #15 against your #41 standing in, a list that you, yourself, Mr. Andrew, created. But, NO! I did not express such thoughts! Or I could have remarked, "Why only now? I made posts when I entered your Top 100 and Top 50 and Top 20, yet you didn't say anything! And i was an active participant at DoshDosh's Technorati Favorite Exchange Project then! But NO! I did not jot down such views! Moreover, I could have indicated that you crave for attention, readers and all - and those are the reasons why you posted such an irresponsible comment. But, NO! I did not insinuate such things! Etc. Etc. Etc.

    And do you know why I did not express such views, Mr. Andrew? It is because I respect your thoughts, kabayan. Blogging is about sharing ideas and developing friendships. And after all is said and done, I guess it all boils down to one thing - RESPONSIBLE COMMENTING. This is all i ask from fellow bloggers, Filipino or not. No more. No less.


Batang Yagit said...

hayaan mo na lang sya kabayan. they are the kind of people who don't deserve your attention.

Richard? said...

Hmm... I hate to say this but I think someone is sour graping.. Is it the Anitokid? No. ManilaMom? Another no. DoshDosh? No. Andrew? No comment. The sad thing is sometimes, egos can bring a person down...

MJ said...

Thank you very much, AnitoKid! Nadamay ka pa. I didn't intend any trouble on the issue, which is why I opted to disengage from the list.

This is really quite draining. I had never felt exhausted writing for my many blogs - buoyed by the sheer enjoyment of blogging and networking, I guess. This makes me feel really bad, though. But, well, we just blog on...

Novice Blogger said...

The existence of the "would have been more legit" phrase is questionable. Saying something as such somehow boils down to saying something as less legitimate. If that is the case, then that is absolutely unacceptable. Because if one asks a "decent" blogger whether Manila Mom's blog is less legit, he/she would have vehemently said no. Why? It's simply because the blog has a legitimate author and a real one at that, unless one is under a certain kind of Cartesian illusion. Besides, as to Manila Mom's case, the blog even has an ACCOMPLISHED author. More so, the posts are created by a person and are not computer-generated or bot-generated, which makes the blog far-off from being a splog, from being less legit. These therefore do not make a blog less legit.

Now if the blog is less legitimate because of riding on the so-called link trains, then one is implying that the blogs of Dosh Dosh, John Chow and other GREAT bloggers are also less legit, which are otherwise. If I may stress, riding on a link train even makes one's blog MORE LEGIT. Because it confirms that one can participate in a GRAND COLLABORATIVE scheme which the computer-generated blogs or splogs are unable to do. It confirms that one has the ability to ENGAGE and COMMUNICATE with fellow bloggers. Of course, there are other ways of collaborating but the link train is just one of them. And one could never call that as less legit.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@batang yagit: Kabayan, I am deeply touched with your show of support - I REALLY AM. I wasn't really expecting one from you, especially after just seeing your post yesterday about you taking time off from blogging because of your studies and all.

From the bottom of my heart, much thanks kabayan. Much thanks talaga! Will never forget what you did today.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Richard: Yes, it is a sad fact - egos can bring a person down.

And what happened reminded me of this: "The ring always believes that the finger lives for it."

I sincerely hope that Mr. Andrew will be enlightened by it.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

No worries, ManilaMom! Don't feel drained mom. Have you noticed the UNSOLICITED COMMENTS left by our friends on the issue? Words of wisdom, no less! You took a stand, so did I - and our friends too! It is all about believing what is right and standing one's ground for it.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Novice Blogger: WOW! Couldn't have said it better myself (EVEN IF I TRIED) my friend. Am extremely impressed with the way you presented the facts of the matter at hand. Simply put: I LOVE IT!

SEX is better than SEO said...

Sayang mukha pa naman maraming alam yang si Andrew (Iniimply niya e..). Yun nga lang, mukhang mayabang. Parang puro SEO na lang nasa utak.. Sa kaka study niya sa SEO, hindi niya ata napagaralan ang ibig sabihin ng mga ibang words tulad ng RESPECT…

kegler747 said...

This is to all bloggers... I believe that there are no hard rules in the blogging universe. You can blog almost anything under the sun. What was done by ManilaMom didn't hurt anyone in whatever way (if it did pls let me know). But certainly foul words may hurt someone.

Every blog is "legit" as long as it is within the framework of public norm which everyone of us should abide.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Sex is Better Than SEO: I think one of the interesting things about blogs, blogging, and being a blogger is that once you let your ego in, you're done for. As in any other facets of life itself.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Kegler747: True! True! True! And to put it in another light:

Irresponsible commenting depreciates the reputation of the one who made the comment.

Manila Mom said...

The comments here refresh my spirit. Thank you very much, everyone!

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