Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Teaching English at SpeechPower, the Cora Doloroso Career Center, and the John Robert Powers School System.

A thousand memories rushed through my mind when I saw a post and video on students studying the English language. And how my head hurts from the rush!

Remember SpeechPower? Indeed, the speech and personality development center has come a long way! It's learning system is based on the premise that "Learning is Progressive." It touts its system as the result of careful planning and execution - ensuring progression.
How about the Cora Doloroso Career Center, which offers vocational education and personality development courses? It now has an extensive partnership with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)! And who can forget the John Robert Powers School System? Some said that John Robert Powers was instrumental in their success in the Philippine entertainment industry! Imagine that! The school reputedly taught everything there is to know on how to becoming a successful model or a respected actor via hard work, patience, persistence, and luck! Wow!

Still, with headache and all, I can't help but think and ponder how these institutions, these great schools, will meet the challenge of teaching the English language to Japanese students. Would they do it with TLC (tender loving care)? Or with brute force? Or would they come up with a learning system similar to the one I just saw? And would such a system improve the rate of success? Can it be adapted to other courses? So many questions. So little time. Hmmm. Why don't you decide!


xpal said...

I was a former student of Speeeechpower! not only once but twice, and until now I’m not yet good in English. hrrr

Japanese somehow proves that English is not a requirement for them to become rich or successful. Most of them are non-English speakers but their country is very productive.

In contrast, most of us in the Philippines can speak basic and fluent English but where are we… I’m not saying that English is not important, yes it is important! but for me there are other skills that I value most rather than being fluent in English.

*Sorry if my perspective will somehow contradict to the opinions of other readers.

btw, funny video! :-)

kegler747 said...

Yup, English really is a tool to be successful in one's career... But, people should may reconsider also learning mandarin as China will be the next superpower at the rate their economy grows. I might try to learn mandarin to communicate to more than 20% of the world's population.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@xpal: Glad you liked the post! And look! Your comment generated another one! :)

@Kegler: That is a nice thought! A worthy undertaking!

Anonymous said...

I also studied at Speechpower and I would say that its training program works. I believe that apart from giving day-to-day conversational practice, Speechpower also instills in its students that attitude in learning the language is the key to become better speakers in English. Being fluent in a language is not an overnight process. So, I believe that for you to become a better speaker, you just have to have that attitude to use the language itself. Think again, Speechpower has done its job, but have you done yours yet?

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Great thoughts! And I kid you not!

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