Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lester Ronquillo aka Mr. Perfect is Back-to-Back Champion in the Coach's Billiards Tour!

Congratulations to Lester "Perfect" Ronquillo
for winning the Coach's Triple 7 Tour!!!

Lester has won the Coach's Tour twice in a row
making him the first and only
back-to-back champion
in the Coach's competitions!

WOOOOO!!! Congratulations Daddy Lester!

Mr. Back-to-Back
with his trophy and Php12,000
flanked by Carlito "Vice" de Castro, MSBA President
Boyet Asonto, Coach of the Philippine Women's Team

Japan's Taka is First Runner-Up!

Indeed! The match was an exciting one. Twas hotly contested! Lester was enjoying a 5-2 lead when Taka got a second wind and made a 4-0 run - taking the lead at 6-5! Daddy Lester wouldn't have none of it and tied the match at 6-6! And in the game to decide all games, Lester had the opportunity to break but failed to pocket any ball. As Taka was on the 2-ball, he noticed the 9 near the corner pocket opposite that of the 2. He made a bold decision to go for the 9 via the 2 using a draw shot with right english. He pocketed the 2 and the cue ball hit the 9, pocketing it! As Taka raised his hand in victory, the cue ball still kept rolling (because of the english and all) and steadily made its way into the side pocket! Thus, a scratch! "Anak ng P*%^#!" exclaimed the Japanese national! (Yes, he knows how to speak Filipino!) Daddy Lester regained his composure and tried a 3-9 combination - successfully! - ending the match at 7-6! Wow! Talk about one exciting finish!

The winners flanked by
the Champ and Coach

Winners of the Coach's previous tour
Lester "Mr. Back-to-Back" Ronquillo,
CEO of Matchgrade Inc.
Ronald "Aba" Rellin,
Marketing Head, Eastern Petroleum Corp.

The winners, Aba and Daddy Lester
with the Coach, Taka - 2nd runner-up
and the Champ - gamely holding Daddy Lester's trophy

Daddy Lester receiving his prize,
Trophy and Php10,400

The Coach presenting Aba
his trophy and Php4,000

"Ayaw ko na! Ang galing talaga!"

The winning smile :)

The Philippines' Billiard Greats
Rodolfo "Boy Samson" Luat, Efren "Bata" Reyes,
Jose "Amang" Parika, Leonardo "Dodong" Andam,
and Francisco "Django" Bustamante


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