Monday, July 2, 2007

The Anitokid as The Ultimate Universal, Holistic Thinker!

The AnitoKid as a Visionary
Thinking and processing! That's what you love to do the most. Ideas and options are what you're always creating. Once something seems concrete, structured and complete, you have a way of coming up with a creative option that changes the whole and leads to a better building process. Most of the time you are very uncanny about seeing and understanding the big picture. Yes, you're a holistic thinker that is always asking the question "How?" Everything, including the smallest detail, needs to be woven into a framework to answer your questions of "How?" Not one step can be taken until you know how that one step fits into the whole. These are some of the many reasons why people refer to you as a visionary.

How You Think
Your thinking process is mostly intuitive and analogical. However, you use facts and logic to back up your intuitive thought processing. When you weave these processes together, you're constantly challenging logical and scientific thought. You seem to stretch the facts to create a new theory or develop a synthetic way of tying different theories together. This optional way of thinking energizes your thought processes, while at the same time focuses your energy on the facts in specific, yet different ways. Paradoxical thoughts attract you. Most people avoid them. You seem curious and comfortable with them. That's because, once again, your need for creative and optional thinking doesn't have to be tied together with logic and factual data. You're attracted to the unknown more than the known. You're drawn to what's unusual about something rather than what is ordinary about it. If it's strange or way out there, you'll want to know and read about it. As a scientist or scholar, you have a bent towards the artistic side. What other people see as facts, you may see as shades of facts or possibilities of different facts. It's the development and the creation of new ideas and ways of looking at something that excites you. That's because your world is the world of possibilities and visions.

Thinking of the Future
You're always thinking about the future and you have an usual awareness as to what may happen. What you forecast is not always logical and sometimes makes many people uncomfortable. But, if they've known you long enough, they use the awareness to be better prepared for upcoming situations or events. Change, particularly in ideas, is never-ending for you. What you're enthusiastic about today may not be the focus of your energy in a week, a month or year. People that know you see a dynamic stream of consciousness which, given the right amount of time and people support, develops idealistic and artistic themes into living and creative realities. It makes no difference whether they are software programs, pieces of art, strategies for corporations or new, holistic developments for organic gardening.

Time is on Your Side
There is no timeline or deadline for your accomplishments. They are never-ending because you will go back and transform them if they evolve into a different whole within you. That is why in school or at work you procrastinate until the last moment to finish a paper, an assignment for a project. If you do the work early, at the time it's due, you'll have to go back and change it completely because you see it in a different contextual whole. So, why redo it?

How You Communicate with Others

People want you to share your thoughts with them. That's because your ideas and expressions usually give a different slant on a topic or on what's happening. Many times they look to you for your awareness or guidance about something. You're an excellent communicator with individuals and small groups of three, no more than four people. You listen attentively to what people say, how they say it and what feelings are generated. When you give feedback, it is usually very sensitive and leads to further communication. You have an unusual awareness for what is happening to the person and others that are participating. It's almost like a sixth sense. Sometimes, people distance themselves from you because of this sensitivity and your feedback. Almost the same thing happens when you enter a room with conversant people. Without trying, you can feel the themes of the discussions and the feelings being expressed. As you join a group, people are drawn to you and have a need to express their thoughts and feelings in your presence. You seem to be a natural facilitator for communication on all levels.


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