Thursday, August 30, 2007

Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante Will Defend Their World Cup of Pool Title

The Philippines' billiard greats, Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco "Django" Bustamante, will defend their crown in the 2nd World Cup of Pool set on Sept. 25-30, 2007, at the Outland Nightclub in Rotterdam, Holland. The Magician and Django beat the US team of Earl Stickland, aka The Pearl, and Rodney Morris, aka The Rocket, in the 2006 finals held in Newport, South Wales, England.

The World Cup of Pool is a Scotch doubles event. The format calls for each player pair to alternate shooting in every inning until they miss or finish a rack. Prizes for this year will remain the same: a total of $250,000 with $30,000 going to each member of the winning team. First round losers are guaranteed $1,500/player.

And I kid you not when I say that Reyes and Bustamante will face a formidable challenge from a number of doubles team. These include the national billiard teams of

  • Australia: Stuart Lawler / Shaun Budd
    Austria: Martin Kempter / Dejan Dabovic
    Canada: Alain Martel / Edwin Montal
    China: Li He-wen / Fu Jian-bo
    Croatia: Philipp Stojanovic / Ivica Putnik
    England: Daryl Peach / Imran Majid
    Finland: Mika Immonen / Marcus Juva
    France: Stephan Cohen / Vincent Facquet
    Germany: Oliver Ortmann / Christian Reimering
    Holland A: Niels Feijen / Nick van den Berg
    Holland B: Alex Lely / Rico Diks
    Hungary: Vilmos Foldes / TBC
    India: Dharminder Singh Lilly / Manan Chandra
    Indonesia: Ricky Yang / Mohammad Zulfikri
    Italy: Fabio Petroni / Bruno Muratore
    Japan: Naoyuki Oi / Satoshi Kawabata
    Korea: Ryu Seung-woo / Kim Woong-dae
    Malaysia: Patrick Ooi / Ibrahim bin Amir
    Malta: Tony Drago / Alex Borg
    Qatar: TBC
    Poland: Radoslaw Babica / Mateusz Sniegocki
    Russia: Konstantin Stepanov / TBC
    Scotland: Pat Holtz / Michael Valentine
    Singapore: TBC
    South Africa: TBC
    Spain: David Alcaide / Antonio Fazanes
    Switzerland: Marco Tschudi / Dimitri Jungo
    Taiwan: Yang Ching-shun / Wu Chia-ching
    USA: Rodney Morris / Corey Deuel
    Vietnam: Luong Chi-dung / Phanh Nam Nguyen

Tour Info
  • Dates: September 25-30, 2007 (Tuesday-Sunday)
  • Venue: Outland, Prins Alexanderlaan 37, 3068 PN Rotterdam
  • Format: 32 x 2-man national teams,
    Scotch Doubles format;
    Winner breaks;
    First and Seconds Rounds: races to 8;
    Quarters and Semi-Finals: Races to 9;
    The Final: Race to 11.
  • Organizer-promoter: Matchroom Sport

*Much thanks to Raya Sports for the pics!

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Bill Bilig said...

Hope they'll win. These two players and the other billiard athletes as well have been bringing honor for the country. More power to them :-)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

They're two of my fave players, kabayan. And oh! Django is one of the prominent members of our billiards club in Makati! A friendly chap, just like Rodolfo "Boy Samson" Luat. And I kid you not!

Barrett Laurie said...

$30,000 for playing a little billiards ... man oh man did I choose the wrong profession! Great post! Wanted to let you know I gave you an award today over on Huma B~ Post! Hope this finds you well friend!

Barrett Laurie said...

Hey there AnitoKid, sorry to fill your comments, but I forgot to tell you a tagged you on a meme as well! Sorry, it has been a LONG day and I am really tired! Take care!

cha said...

i used to admire django's strong breaks coz he does it so strongly that only few balls remain for play. but ever since he suffered i dnt know what injury (something about elbows), he does't do it as strongly as he used to.

i wish to see him back in good form. bata of course has always been my favorite (i think everybody does due to his charisma).

good luck to them both. will it be shown in any cable channels? the last time they won, i just heard it in the news without seeing the actual action.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hey, thanks Barrett! I still have to check the surprise! ha ha ha! Much thanks, my friend.

kegler747 said...

I like this play format kse 4 superstar billiard players agad ang naglalaban in 1 game tapos by country pa ang laban.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Django can still has a strong break. You should see him ran the racks! Especially when he plays against foreign players. Wow!

He and Bata make billiards look so easy! Talagang magaling! Eh nagsanib puwersa pa! ha ha ha!

My contact will get in touch with me with regards to the possible sched on Philippine TV. Will update you on that dear!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Kegler: It also reminds of the "pool war" between Team USA and Team Europe that happened several years ago. :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

@Kegler: It also reminds of the "pool war" between Team USA and Team Europe that happened several years ago. :)

TruBlue said...

Played this game since I was little and owned my own pool table the last 20 years up to now, yet, I'm not that good at it. Well, I actually don't play with it everyday, it's more of an accent to my gameroom/bar area. Gave myself just an average mark!
And you're right, these Efren and Django makes it so eeeaasssyyyy....
Thought Alex P plays for Canada?
I root for them though to kick everyone's ass during tournaments.
Cheers and goodhealth....

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi TruBlue! Yes, The Lion does play for Canada. And Philippines, too! It's part of the controversy surrounding him, though some sectors may deny that it is so. He is an exciting player to watch! Kinda reminds me of Minnesota Fats with all his loudmouth talk and all. And HE IS GOOD!

I'll be rooting for my favorites, of course. And I bet you know who they are! :)

dimaks said...

Too bad they lost against Indonesia yesterday. Let's see how Team B behaves as the game continues.

It's always a runout at The Runout TV!