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Champions of the First MAPPA 9-Ball Pocket Billiards Challenge!

The officers of the Makati Pool Players Association (MAPPA), led by Carlito "Vice" de Castro, rescheduled the 9-Ball Challenge on December 6, 2007 because of the Trillanes-Lim takeover of the Manila Peninsula in Makati City. Almost half of the MAPPA members who signified their intention to compete in the 9-ball billiards competition failed to make it that day (November 29, 2007) because of the monstrous traffic jams and confusion brought about by the Manila Peninsula siege. But show they did on the 6th of December! Pool tables at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl at the Makati Cinema Square, Makati City, were filled to the hilt as participants (international and Filipino pool players) of the first MAPPA 9-Ball Challenge arrived in droves in a show of force! So, without further ado, here are some the highlights of the historic 9-ball pocket billiards competition!

Makati Pool Players Association ImageThe 9-ball pool competition gets underway with Cel Rodriguez at the helm. Included in the picture is official TV referee Mario and Pocket Billiards Association of Makati (PBAM) President Boy Silva. Much thanks to Mr. Boy Silva for sponsoring the event's polo shirt giveaways!

Makati Pool Players Association GraphicAnd how to start a very successful 9-ball tournament? With a prayer, of course! Mr. Paeng leads the opening prayer at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl.

9-ball Billiards GraphicMari Carballo and Ipe Mendoza, one of the co-founders of the Superbowl Executives Billiards Association (SEBA) and PBAM, with the 2nd Runner-Up, Class A. Classes A and B were merged in the MAPPA 9-ball pocket billiards tour in view of a more exciting finish for both categories!

9-ball Billiards ImageJames Liu, MAPPA's incumbent Treasurer, is 1st Runner Up, Class A! A consistent finisher in billiards competitions, the well-liked James Liu is also MAPPA's first 15-Ball Pocket Billiards Champion! His games are characterized by an intense focus to win and insatiable drive for positional play, making him one of MAPPA's best money players. Much thanks James for sponsoring the lechon at MAPPA's Christmas party! Congratulations!

9-ball Pocket Billiards GraphicJesse Gonzales, DMC Philippines' CEO, is MAPPA's first 9-Ball Champion - Class A! Jesse Gonzales cruised undefeated in the competition! Some of the notable opponents trounced by Jesse include Carlito "Vice" de Castro, James Liu, and Champ aka The AnitoKid. This is Jesse Gonzales' third trophy in pocket billiards, his first at MAPPA. And I'm pretty sure that it won't be his last. He was also elected as MAPPA's Vice President for 2008. Well done, Jesse! Congratulations!

9-ball Pocket Billiards ImageJesse Gonzales on his way to winning the first MAPPA 9-Ball Championship - Class A. The CEO of DMC Philippines is also one of the club's best money players, ranking well with Leonardo Vinzon, Mel Austria, James Liu, and my good friend, Vice de Castro.

James Liu GraphicMAPPA Officers Val Favila and James Liu present Mark Salvanera his trophy for placing 2nd Runner Up - Class O at the 9-ball billiards competition. I was fortunate to have watched one of Mark's games during the tournament, and I was very much surprised with his improvement ! "Magaling na ang isa sa mga dati kong suki!" :) One of Mark Salvanera's trademarks is using a transparent plastic cue case to store his pool cue - a Predator 314 shaft partnered with a locally made butt. Tirador pa rin ang dating! :)

9-Ball Tournament ImageMon Uy is First Runner-Up - Class O! Mon Uy is also a consistent finisher in billiards competitions. If I remember correctly, Mon placed First Runner Up - Class O in MAPPA's 1st 15-Ball pool tournament. Mon, by the way, is a well-known financier of some the Philippines' billiards greats. He is also a good money player to boot!

Arvin Arceo GraphicAfter placing 2nd Runner Up in MAPPA's 1st 15-Ball billiards competition, Arvin Arceo wins MAPPA's first 9-ball Championship - Class O! And he won it with flair - via a three foul victory over Mon Uy! 'Twas about a year or so when Arvin Arceo invited the officers and members of the Makati Square Billiards Association (MSBA) to Stiradors' First 9-Ball Pocket Billiards tournament at Efren's Magic, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. Me and my daughter - My Closeness (Agi) - placed 6th out of 50++ participants! It was a grueling event! I played from 1:00 PM till midnight against some of the Metro's best players! It was all worth it!

Arvin Arceo Image
Arvin Arceo in his winning form - ala Rodolfo "Boy Samson" Luat ang dating! Congratulations for winning the championship and for being elected as one of MAPPA's directors and officers for 2008! One of Arvin Arceo's mentors is none other than Conrado Pamicpic, aka Ponga Superstar. Ponga, who currently hangs out at popular billiard balls like OneSide and AMF-Puyat Superbowl, used to be a regular at Eat Bulaga, one of the most popular television shows in the Philippines. *Pic provided by Arvin himself.

9-Ball Tournament GraphicMac San Diego is 2nd Runner Up - Class Super O! Mac San Diego is flanked by Mr. Boy Silva, one of MAPPA's able sponsors, and MAPPA President Carlito de Castro, aka Vice. I remember competing against Mac head on at StarPaper a couple of years ago, and I have to say that his game has considerably improved now! Talagang magaling na! Keep it up, Mac! Congratulations!

Enzo Ronquillo GraphicEnzo Ronquillo is 1st Runner-Up - Class Super O! Enzo Ronquillo, one of MSBA's champions, is the eldest son of my good friend, Lester Ronquillo, aka Mr. Perfect. Enzo, who is currently studying at the Ateneo University, is also a consistent finisher in billiards competition. He placed 1st Runner Up - Class Super O at MAPPA's first 15-Ball competition. Very good pocketing skills and excellent positional plays characterize Enzo's game. He is a graduate of Lester Dulawan's Pool Players Academy. Congratulations bro!

JayJay Tolon ImageAnd the Champion of Champions - Mr. JayJay Tolon! JayJay Tolon won the coveted Super O crown over Enzo Ronquillo in an exciting showdown! JayJay is a product of Nagcarlan, Laguna, home of some of the country's best pool players, e.g., Johnson Vita. He plays for the Vice Stable, one of the well-known pool of money players in the country.

JayJay Tolon GraphicJayJay Tolon and his winning form. JayJay is one of the Champ's best buddies at MAPPA. Some of the notable Filipino pool players who have been squared off against The Kid from Nagcarlan include Jun Briones, aka Jun La Salle, Ducho Carlos, Bert Pasay, and Leonardo "Dodong" Andam, aka The Rattlesnake. Congratulations Jay! Here's looking forward to more championships!

9-Ball Tournament ImageThe first MAPPA 9-Ball Challenge ended with a prayer of thanks led by Mr. Paeng. Shown here are MAPPA's Ipe Mendoza and Mon Uy.

Christmas Party ImageIt's food galore at the first MAPPA Christmas Party! Concurrently held with the first 9-ball billiards competition, the Christmas party served as the finale for the club's very good year! What follows are some pictures of the food served during the party at the AMF-Puyat Superbowl! There was a ton of it! Beer and sodas were overflowing, too! 'Twas like an eat-all-you-can event! And I kid you not!

Lechon GraphicLechon - Jimmy Waldas' favorite!

Chicken ImageChicken Lollipops - another Jimmy Waldas favorite!

Christmas Party GraphicEstopadong Dila - A Jimmy Waldas classic!

Squids ImageSquid with Stir Fry Veggies - A Jimmy Waldas best pick!

Jimmy Waldas ImageAnd Jimmy Waldas himself! Busog na busog na! Ika nga ni Jimmy, "I'm not hungry, man!" Nag-request na isama ko rin siya kahit di siya naka-pwesto sa competition. (Jimmy Waldas requested that I include him in the set of pics even though he didn't finish well in the said competition) :) Hi to Neri! - Jimmy Waldas

Congratulations to all the winners! And a special congratulatory note to my good friend, Vice, and the MAPPA officers for a very good year! Congratulations everyone! Here's looking forward to an even greater one in 2008!

"I love 9-ball competitions! The AnitoKid"

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