Friday, December 7, 2007

Find and Compare MP3 Players at Savebuckets and Save a Ton of Money!

Savebuckets Graphic

One of my favorite online comparison shopping service, Savebuckets, has a MP3 page where users can find best-buy products. The Savebuckets MP3 page features more than 1749 MP3 players! Wow! That is definitely a lot of choices! The MP3 players can be sorted by name or by price, which makes it easier for users to zero in on a specific brand or model in a jiffy! Savebuckets’ Accessories page, which touts almost 1400 product choices, compliments well the MP3 players site, making the online comparison shopping service a one-stop shop for everyone! No kidding!

And oh! Savebuckets also allows users to enter the maximum amount they are prepared to pay against the selected product, e.g., Applc Inc.’s iPod. Savebuckets will then check the price of that specific product, in this case an iPod, whenever a shop on its service has changed the price. The online comparison shopping service will contact the user via email when the price has reached or fallen beneath the maximum price. Now, that is searching smart! It’s like saving a ton of money while searching! And I kid you not!


Speakers said...

That's a really clever idea, and one of those ideas that makes you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. Having it email you when it reaches the price you want is absolutely fantastic. A bit like a reverse ebay, in a way, where the shop almost bids down to meet your price. (In a way). Very clever.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Very well said, my friend!


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