Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Savebuckets Online Comparison Shopping Service

Savebuckets GraphicI came upon this interesting site, Savebuckets, which touts itself as a free to use online comparison shopping service that aims to help users find best-buy products. Savebuckets features a ton of products, e.g., consumer electronics, from a wide range of shops. One particular product line that caught my eye was Savebuckets’ MP3 players section. Savebuckets’ MP3 players section offers a gazillion of products from every corner of the globe! A highlight of Savebuckets’ MP3 players section is the integrated feature that allows one to compare prices and sort by best price! Wow! This will surely come in handy this coming Christmas season as I try to spread the holiday cheer among all my godkids who have been naughty and nice this year!

By the way, Savebuckets also allows users to enter the maximum amount they are prepared to pay against the selected product, e.g., iPod. Savebuckets’ will then check the price of that product whenever a shop on its service has changed the price. And via email, the online comparison shopping service will contact the user when the price has reached or fallen beneath the maximum price. The email even comes with a link directly to that shop! Wow! Isn’t that neat? IT IS! And I kid you not!


theDeviant said...

Kabayan! Tagged you with the 38 Questions tag, Hope it's ok with you! :)

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Much thanks kabayan! I love doing memes! And I kid you not!


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