Monday, November 26, 2007

CarAngel and Its Donate-A-Car Program

CarAngel GraphicMy friend over at The Broken Bow sent me an interesting link to check out, i.e., CarAngel. CarAngel is an organization that uses car donations to create a difference in children's lives via the creation of free children's DVDs, e.g., positive children’s animations and anti-drug documentaries.

CarAngel Ministries, which averages less than 5% of revenues for overhead, touts itself as an organization that aims to help others e.g., single mothers, orphans, the homeless, teen and adult drug users, and prisoners, via car donations. Anyone can become a Car Angel and choose the charity organization that will benefit from the donate-a-car program by donating a vehicle, e.g., car, boat, plane, motorcycle, or RV, or a house. In the process, the donor receives a tax deduction while avoiding hassles associated with private sales.

CarAngel Ministries with Poor Kids Graphic

So, why vehicles? Well, the vehicle that one donates goes to provide much needed funding for preschool and grade school-aged children in the poorest nations of the world. Donated vehicles are sold to fund education pursuits, feeding programs, and provide teachers and training materials for our misfortunate brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. Sudan, Columbia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, India, and Kenya are reputedly some of the areas that have already been touched by CarAngel Ministries. The organization also included the Philippines in its list, but this is my first time to hear about them. I guess not all charitable organizations get that much-needed exposure from conventional media, right?

And what types of vehicles that one can donate to CarAngel Ministries? It does not matter what type, model, or year! CarAngel will accept old vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s or newer ones from the 1990s. It even accepts lawnmowers, tractors, and heavy earth-moving equipment! And for transparency, CarAngel gives an instant receipt for each donation!

So, if you are not using that extra car in your garage, do check out CarAngel Ministries and help them help others. And if you do not have a vehicle to donate, perhaps you know someone who does! Tell them about CarAngel Ministries and how they can make a difference in people’s lives. Because after all is said and done, we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what give. And I kid you not!


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