Sunday, November 25, 2007

Formula 1 Tickets at viagogo!

viagogo ImageMy friends over at I Am Sam, The Blogmeister, and The Broken Bow sent me a cool review link to check out, i.e., viagogo. viagogo is an online ticket exchange that matches buyers and sellers of concert tickets, sports tickets, theater tickets, and more. The online ticket hub allows anyone to buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way. viagogo offers the ultimate in ticketing experience via its full ticket tracking, logistics management, and live customer service support. viagogo promises these and more via a secured and up-to-date SSL encryption technology that protects personal and transaction info. It’s efficient! It’s transparent! It’s guaranteed!

Formula 1 Graphic

The Formula 1 tickets section caught my attention, in particular. I have always been a fan of Formula 1 races, e.g., European Grand Prix, Monaco Grand Prix, and Spanish Grand Prix. I was quite surprised to see viagogo offering tickets for The British Grand Prix, which is scheduled from April to June 2008. Though it’s still months away, serious F1 fans can secure seats for the number racing event on the planet that will take place at the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit in Towcester! Imagine that! The days of fans scrambling and standing in line to purchase tickets are gone! Now, anyone and everyone can conveniently use viagogo’s service to buy tickets right at their own home! Formula 1 fans can even check the sports event by date, venue, city location, and venue! Wow, talk about one complete package!

Buyers who purchase ticket/s or win in an auction receives their ticket/s on time for the event. All they have to do is browse or search the various event listings in viagogo’s online site. These include listings for concert, art and theater, exclusive events, and my favorite, sports! The sports listings, which contain a ton of ticket offerings, e.g., football tickets, tennis tickets, Formula 1 tickets, golf tickets, cricket tickets, horse racing tickets, and Rugby Union tickets, feature the different event schedules and pertinent contact information. And oh! Tickets are sent via the buyer’s selected delivery method and every transaction is 100% guaranteed by viagogo! All one has to do afterwards is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

And oh! Viagogo also offers a service where anyone can sell their ticket/s online! Sellers can offer tickets via three options, i.e., fixed price, auction, and declining price. viagogo supports all delivery by providing sellers with a pre-paid airbill and/or instructions to get the ticket/s to the buyer on time. Did I tell you that listing of tickets is free? Yes, it is! viagogo even takes care of all payment and customer service. And the service is 100% guaranteed!

With all these fantastic features and the 100% guarantee offered by viagogo, I can’t imagine anyone buying tickets from anywhere else! And I kid you not! So, what are you waiting for? Log on to viagogo’s website and get those much-coveted sports tickets now!


Rowel Bughao said...


Thanks for your comments.

Keeps me going.

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Rowel Bughao

THE ANiTOKiD said...


No thank yous necessary, kabayan! It's my pleasure! And I kid you not!


Dimsan said...

I'm going to use this service in Russia, becouse we have some problems with F1 tickets in Russia, thanks for overview

THE ANiTOKiD said...


You're welcome! Happy racing!


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