Friday, December 7, 2007

Full Tilt Poker Tips at!

TurnRiver ImageA friend of mine recently introduced me to the world of FullTilt poker. Being a novice player and all, I decided to browse the Internet and find out as much as I can about Full Tilt. A quick search on the Web brought me to, a poker strategy and information site, which touts itself as an online resource designed to help card players improve their chances of winning. From what I can initially gather, aims to become the premiere online poker community via active, friendly, and intelligent online poker education through queries and discussions. If you are completely new to poker like me, the site is definitely worth checking out! Come to think of it, the site is worth browsing through even if one is an intermediate or advance player! features articles on understanding winning poker hands, vernacular of the poker world, basic rules to different online poker games, game variations, etc. The high-quality site is a very interesting read because it promotes online poker as a profitable venture. The site owner consistently makes money at online poker! He quit his job on March 2005 and is currently enjoying all the benefits of being an online poker! Wow! That’s enough proof in my book! integrates in its site a number of poker rooms. One that noticeably stood out is the FullTilt poker room. The Full Tilt poker room, which integrates a Full Tilt referral code, currently as an overall rating of 3.819! Not bad! Not bad at all! One can use the Full Tilt Poker referral code to sign up and play in one of the largest play money online poker rooms. Online users can compete with over 30,000 people around the world for free! Yes, for free! And the buck doesn’t stop there! The Full Tilt bonus referral code also allows online users to play in high stakes free money tables! We are talking serious money here, my friends! Serious money in the range of 25K/50K to no limit games! There are even games with plays of over 30,000 in chips! All that and more in the Full Tilt Poker Room of! No kidding!

Full Tilt Poker even has a section that caters specifically to beginners. Novice players can test out their basic strategies while practicing playing at real money tables without making any deposit! Yes, you head it right! No Deposit! Nada! Zit! Zero! Free! It’s all happening right now at’s No Deposit Bonus Poker rooms. The No Deposit Bonus poker rooms offer new players a real dollar bonus without ever making an initial deposit! So once a player registers, he/she can get some practice at the real money tables and make some serious money in the end! The No Deposit Bonus rooms an absolute must-try!

Another feature that I really love is the Beginner's Circle section where one can ask more experienced players and the pros questions about anything related to poker. Wow! Now, that is something players from all walks of life can use! Chat with the pros! Play with the experienced! Learn from them! And I kid you not!


Pates said...

Full Tilt has a lot of very good players online. That's a tough place to start out as a novice.

Some great information at and a good hand history converter.

Nice post.

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