Saturday, April 18, 2009

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Shot Dead!

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Shot Dead GraphicFriends, today is a sad day. Edwin Reyes, aka Bandido was shot dead at his home today.

That is all I know for now. Condolences to Edwin’s family.

The billiards industry lost a good man today.


Anonymous said...

As all of Edwin's friends and acquaintances, I am still in shock.
Everytime something like this happens, I go back to what Linda Lee said after Bruce Lee passed away. " Let's remember how Bruce lived, and not how he died."
Problem is Ed was taken away from this world by his enemies. Even knowing that, I'm going to remember how Edwin lived for now .
I met Edwin about 5 years ago on-line. I told him I know of a cue collector who wanted a cue of his after my recommendation. Edwin sent a cue AND sent me an ER240 shaft. HE told me the 240 was mine. When in time to send him the payment, he insisted I kept 10% of the cue's price. That's how generous Ed was.
Then we spent hours and hours of chatting after I told him of my cuemaking plans.
Ed became my tech support.
In January 2007 I spent 10 days in his home where he also had his shop.
What I learned from Ed then, I could not repay. Ed was pretty close to being a cueamaking genius. He could get a cue dead-on straight even if it had no center holes. HE WOULD FIND those centers.
About 6 months later, I was back in his shop again. This time Ed made me a cnc taper machine. While that was being made, he showed me how write G-codes for tapering and making ring billets. HE WROTE THEM out of his head. No cam software. IT was a very humbling experience to say the least.
Ed built two machines himself out of surplus parts. I told him they were caveman cnc. He just laughed. But, that caveman cnc made rings to exact Gina cue specs for a shaft . The client did not want to send anything with ivory to and from the US so he had Ed make him an ivory-ringed shaft.
The machine Ed made me sits in my shop to this day. I showed Ed some modifications I did and he was just ecstatic about it. We planned on making a gantry type cnc machine as the top of the line THK parts' price sank here. It was going to be a machine that would just be the nuts. German ballscrews and liquid-cooled spindle.
Sadly, Ed will no longer be spending late hours on his manual mill making parts for our next project. I will never share a gulaman drink his wife prepared in the afternoon when we were making dust and chips in his shop. Ed will never run to a poolhall when there's action to be made by his young guns Revo and Takayama.
Ed loved the game as much as he loved life. He dedicated two years of his life easily in changing the politics of pool in the Philippines. He said, " we're gonna change history here." And about 3 weeks ago, it appeared he accomplished what he fought for.
Ed was going to concentrate in his cuemaking again. He was excited about his new laminated ferrule and his Zero-Deflection shaft. Last time we spent lunch at Jack's Ridge in Davao during the Villar Cup/Kadayawan 2008, he told me he could not keep up with orders from Japan. His kumpare Linds was there as well.
Around February I called Ed. Ed was really down as he was still dealing the repercussion of his father passing away and his family moving to Davao. It didn't take him long to do the right thing.
He moved his family back to QC and was partnering up with Linds in making cues.
Sadly, Ed is gone.
I just hope that everyone whose lives Ed touched, will keep his memory alive. From Las Vegas to Palm Desert to the islands.
I feel so blessed from knowing Ed. He trusted me with all his cuemaking secrets. I will never forget what he said about those who tried to put down his cues without knowing Ed was already repairing who's who's cues in his shop, " Bugok sila, di lang nila alam."
Ed x-rayed just about everyone's cues. He knew the size of the A-joint bolts of almost all cue name there is out there. He knew whose cues were stable and whose were not.
Ed was a WORLD-CLASS craftsman. So good one famouse cuemaker gave him his signature template so Ed could finish his cues. So good the top cueshop offered him a job as an inlayer.
Ed's in heaven now. I know God has a Lion's Den Grand Prix table, a cueshop and plenty of woods for Ed. That is if God wants to learn the game and cuemaking from Ed. Plenty of San Mig lites for my friend and mentor too.
And to those who took Ed from us, I pity you. Don't worry, you'll meet Ed someday. Ed's got plenty of kamagong for you.
Joey Bautista

Joey Bautista said...

Thanks for posting that pre.
I just found a lof Ed's YM to me ( I archived them w/out even remembering it ).
I will try to post some of Ed's words when I have time.
Joey Bautista

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Your words touched me, kabayan.
Many thanks for sharing your thoughts
about our brother in billiards.



Anonymous said...

I miss Edwin badly.
I really don't know when I'm going to stop missing Edwin.

Joey B.

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