Sunday, April 19, 2009

Edwin Reyes aka Bandido Lives On!

Edwin Bandido Reyes GraphicFriends, I am reposting a post made by one of Edwin Reyes’ friends – Martin Misa aka Sputnik. The post was first published at bilyar.NET and AZBilliards.

Edwin Reyes Lives On!
by Sputnik, aka Martin Misa

Edwin passed away when I was on my way to the hospital just a few minutes after he was shot twice (.45 cal) by a DHL impostor. He did not get to complete the "s" in his signature when he was shot. On his lap was his baby girl. Inside the package was a broken cheap pool cue. When I was told that he passed away, I just had to stop by somewhere and collect myself. Edwin was a dear friend.

Edwin had his eccentricities. Like any artist, he had his flaws. Many times he was just a bit too domineering but it was only because of his passion. This kind of passion was the one that had brought him to the blue book of cue-makers in the world. But isolating Edwin from his "position" here at home and internationally, Edwin had a good heart and he had integrity. He fought for fairness and not for greed. Edwin had integrity and he had no enemies outside of pool.

My first thought in the car was of Edwin's family. His eldest, Didoy, is 8 and his youngest has probably forgotten the face of the assassin by now. There are two in between. Nilda is lost in her shock. It has been a year when I arranged for the funeral of Edwin's dad. Today I arranged his.

Edwin had just come from Davao to relocate his family back to Manila. He was bent to re-focus and concentrate on his cue artistry. He was to fully join forces with Linds in cue production. After the new BSCP meeting yesterday, Edwin and I had a very long conversation. He concluded that he had done enough for Philippine pool and it was time to fend for himself. It is a fact that Edwin did not earn any money in any of his roles with BMPAP. He threw in his full time and attention to it.

Over Holy Week, he chose to drive his family from Davao to Manila, taking his time to enjoy all the stop-overs and scenery. It was his one full week of savoring his family. He chose an apartment in Project 4 because of its proximity to a school for his gifted Didoy. He moved in two days ago.

Edwin was a wise and intelligent man. Many times we would concede to each other's reflections. Today, it was just too late for me to make him concede to his error of accepting a package from DHL when nobody knew his address yet. It was a simple slip, my friend, but if you think about it, when someone wants to have you killed in Manila, many times, no amount of alertness can protect you. Error excused. Edwin was monitored sophisticated. He himself told me that his cell phone was bugged because it was acting strangely. I was warning Edwin to take the text message threats to him more seriously but he just laughed at them. He said it would be too easy to kill him because he was too much of a sucker to playing pool and he was not about to cut down on his playing. It was Edwin's time and he had to go. Shooting Edwin in the heart was very appropriately done because it was his heart that led him through life.

To the one who had Edwin killed, I know that you are reading this. The DHL delivery of a rotten cue stick was not a message to Edwin because he never got to see it. You have made your point to the group. I am grieving for the loss of a good friend, and the country had just lost a billiard hero who fought for a cause. Just please let it end with Edwin's demise.

Edwin, tol, I will always remember you as what you truly are. Our 2002 pact still stays - "if it is good for the players, then it is good for pool."

Edwin Bandido Reyes ImageIn photo: Edwin Reyes and Martin Misa


Ritchiela said...

Kakalungkot isipin noh?

Nakita ko pala blog mo sa

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Yes, it is. Emotions are high
and people are crying for justice!


TruBlue said...

Just found out about this in this blog. Why was he killed? Quite curious, as his pics depicts a harmless but easy-going person.

Condolence to his families and friends.

THE ANiTOKiD said...

It's a police matter now, my friend.

I hope and pray for justice for
our fallen Bandido aka Edwin Reyes!


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