Monday, October 6, 2008

Darren Appleton Wins World Ten Ball Championship!

Darren Appleton Graphic

Congratulations to Darren Appleton for winning the 1st World Ten Ball championship! Darren Appleton, aka Dynamite, beat 2005 World Pool champion Wu Chia-Ching with a 13-11 score in the finals!

Darren Appleton ImageDarren with some Filipino friends.
(pic courtesy of Boyong Jorge)

The pool player from the United Kingdom pocketed the $100,000 top prize and took home the championship trophy! Other highlights of the event include Niels Feijen's 11-8 victory over Filipino pool player Demosthenes “Plong Plong” Pulpul. The Terminator place 3rd in the inaugural World Ten Ball Championship event.

Congratulations Darren, Wu,
Niels, and Plong-Plong! Mabuhay!

"The AnitoKid loves billiards!"

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