Monday, October 20, 2008

US Open 9-Ball Championships: Live Scoring & Updates!

US Open 9-Ball Championship GraphicUS Open 9-Ball Championship Updates:

Guess what, billiards buddies and pool player pals! Francisco Django Bustamante, Lee Van Corteza, Warren Kiamco, and Jose Amang Parica all got 1st round byes! And I kid you not!

Some of the matches scheduled for the first round of the 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship include:

Tony Chohan vs. Chris Bartrum, Gabe Owen vs. Ryan McCreesh, Rodney Morris vs. Danny Harriman, Tony Crosby vs. Mike Dechain and Louis Ulrich vs. our very own Rodolfo Luat!

Lest I forget, It's live scoring at the 2008 US Open 9-Ball from AZBilliards and Sports Fan Products! No kidding! Please click the link below -

"Pool players like The AnitoKid!"

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