Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Deer Valley Ski Rentals at Ski Butlers!

Ski Butlers GraphicDeer Valley ski rentals – this was the subject heading of an email I received from Jojo Fontanilla, a billiards buddy. My pool player friend wants to know sites offering ski rentals in Deer Valley without the hassles associated with it.

My online tools highlighted the World Wide Web’s top sites for such, including that of Ski Butlers. From what I could gather, Ski Butlers is the preferred Deer Valley and Park City ski rental delivery service! It was was founded in 2004 in Park City, Utah, and is Park City Utah’s premiere ski shop, delivering ski and snowboard rentals including Deer Valley, Park City, and The Canyons.

Ski Butlers’ ski rental expert technicians will custom fit all snowboard and ski rental needs in the comfort of one’s living room! Ski Butlers also has all the sizes that one needs, as well as extra boots to ensure a perfect fit! It also has ski accessories – every type imaginable – all for the recreational pleasure of everyone!

So, for friends who may be readying themselves to hit the slopes, there’s no need to stand in a rental line! Try Ski Butlers! It offers the best ski rental equipment at much lower prices than many of the local Park City ski rental shops and Deer Valley ski rental shops! And I kid you not!


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