Friday, October 10, 2008

Updates on World Cup of Pool: Bustamante & Orcollo Advances!

PartyPoker World Cup of Pool GraphicFor billiards buddies and pool players looking for an update on the ongoing 2008 World Cup of Pool, here it is! And I kid you not!

Team Philippines, composed of Francisco Django Bustamante and Dennis Orcollo, secured their first victory at the 2008 World Cup of Pool by beating Denmark with an impressive 8-2 score!

Django Bustamante of Puyat Sports and The Robocop from Bugsy Promotions got off to a great start as they won the opening three games before a scratch, which allowed the tandem of Martin Larsen and Kasper Kristoffersen to score at 3-1.

Here are highlights of the game – direct from the World Cup of Pool site, everyone!

A failed jump shot from the Danes that sailed over the blocking balls but failed to connect with the blue 2, meant ball in hand for the Filipino pool players, who took advantage for a 4-1 lead.

Francisco Django Bustamante missed a long cut on the 2 ball but didn't really leave much for his opponents, but they laid an excellent snooker. The Filipinos returned the favor and although Denmark escaped, they left a window and Orcollo and Bustamante comfortably cleared to lead 5-1.

A miss from Dennis Orcollo allowed Team Denmark a chance and they nearly blew it but Larsen's attempt on the 8 ball wobbled in the top pocket and then gently rolled into the center bag.

Kasper Kristofferson deposited the 9 ball to get to 5-2 but they allowed the Philippines back to the table in the next and they ran out to move to 6-2.

However, the Robocop failed to make a legal break in the next but the Danes put them back in. They pushed out and then took advantage to run out to move to the hill.

Django delivered a big break in what was the last rack of the game and the classy pair maneuvered their way around the table to clear up and take the match 8-2.

Francisco Bustamante and Dennis Orcollo are now scheduled to meet the Russian pair of Konstantin Stepanov and Rusian Chinakhov for a place in the quarter finals!

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