Sunday, October 12, 2008

Santa Letters from LapLand Letters: Cool Christmas Gift!

Santa Letters GraphicLynn Marasigan, a billiards buddy, is looking for gifts to give this coming Christmas season. My pool player friend wants to make it novel this year, and has decided to give out Santa letters! She has asked me to look for sites that offer such and all.

My ever-reliable online search tools brought back a ton of sites, with one standing out in particular – Lapland Letters. Allow Santa Claus to bring in the magic of Christmas and make it one memorable holiday via personalized letters from Santa Claus – all direct from the Lapland Letters mail room! Such letters have made the spirit of Christmas come to life countless time!

Each letter from Santa Claus is individually addressed by Santa or Father Christmas. And every letter from Santa Claus will have magical extras, too! These include a Christmas Eve door hanger and Christmas coloring-in sheet! But wait, there’s more! There is also a magical personalized gift! And I kid you not!

Truth be told, Santa Claus has been buy all year with his elves getting everything ready for a busy Christmas ahead. And yet, he still has plenty of time to write a letter for you! Simply awesome! This is going to be one memorable Christmas for those receiving Santa letters! Wow!


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