Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship: More Updates on Filipino Pool Players!

2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship Graphic2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship: Another update on Filipino pool players!

Billiards buddies, here are more developments in the prestigious 2008 US Open 9-Ball Championship! Interesting news, indeed! And I kid you not!

Filipino pool players who advanced to the next round include

*Ronnie Alcano - 11-10 over Mitch Ellerman of the US

*Lee Van Corteza - 11-10 over Tony Chohan

*Jose Amang Parica - 11-7 over David Broxson

*Francisco Django Bustamante - 11-10 over Imran Majid of England

*Joven Alba – 11-6 over Willie Simpson 11-6

*Leonardo Andam – 11-5 over beat Richard Barnes

At this point in time include The Philippine campaign in the US Open 9-Ball Championship took a hit after three Filipino cue players dropped their assignments in Round Three at Chesapeake, Virginia. They are now relegated to the losers’ bracket, and must win their remaining matches to have a shot at the title. These include

*Rodolfo Luat – 11-10 decision to former two-time US Open champion Nick Varner

*Ramil Gallego - 11-5 decision to Tony Robles

*Warren Kiamco – 11-9 decision to Josh Lewis

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